Monday, June 29, 2009

The Mom Celebrity Translator

(If the video is not working for you, click HERE for the website to watch it.)

My two daughers love to tease me ... well, tease isn't really right ... they just outright boldly make fun of me. A lot

Watch that video above and then come back to read.

Did you watch that?

Right after that aired on Saturday Night Live, my daughter Rachel made sure that it was recorded so that I could watch it later with her. I have to admit, that's exactly what I do. I never remember names of actors/actresses or movie titles.

She laughed and laughed.

So the ridicule passes as the days go by and it's forgotten. Until one day, not too long ago .... I was in the car with Rachel and telling her that I wanted to rent that one movie. I didn't remember the name of it so I told her ...."it won a lot of awards" "Even the music won awards"

She didn't know what movie and started suggesting names ... I told her no to each of her suggestions.

"it has an odd name and it takes place in another country", I said.

At that point, she loses control and pretty much collapses in fits of laughter right there in her seat. Thankfully, she wasn't the one driving.

She reminded me of the Mom Celebrity Translator and told me she needed one to figure that movie out for us.

I admit, I laughed too. A lot.

We never did figure out what that movie was until ....

One evening, not too long after that event, my other daughter Jen, Rach, me and my sweet husband were all together for dinner.

I told Jen how Rach made fun of me for not knowing the name of the movie. Rachel told her about the SNL Mom translator and how I'm exactly like the moms in that clip.

I knew Jen had seen the movie because I remember her telling me about it and how good it was. SHE would know what movie it was!

So, like a fool, I pretty much repeated what I had told Rachel about the movie. Like Rachel, she tried to name movies that it might be.

Like Rachel, Jen had no idea. And then ridicule, multiplied by TWO, began.

I admitted once again, I needed that SNL translator. I think I said something about the movie taking place in another country, perhaps Korea or somewhere over "there".

More laughter....

THEN, my sweet husband, who had been sitting quietly, listening, very calmly said "Slumdog Millionaire".

And I screamed, "THAT'S IT!"

Forget about that SNL translator. I have Jimmy, the translator.

So this brings us to last night. My sister Carol and her husband Mark, were visiting ... actually they were just being nice because they wanted black raspberries :) ... but anyway, Carol apparently does the same thing, only probably worse than me because after all, she is a year older.

I told her about the Mom Translator and assured her that help is out there.

So, Carol and Mark, this post is for both of you. Carol, make sure to share it with your two kids. I know Greg and Steph well enough to know that they both will enjoy making fun of you it too.

Oh, and Mark was really complaining that after I wrote THIS post about Carols Curtain Casserole recipe, no one will accept dinner invitations at their house anymore.

I have to say, after seeing Mark stroking and salivating over my couch fabric, he better settle down or no one will invite Carol and Mark to their homes either.

I did make sure to check around the house after they left to make sure all my curtains were hanging. Carol mentioned something about making black raspberry cobbler and i just KNOW she wants to chop up my kitchen curtains to put in it because they have cherries printed on them.

Ok, I'm done now. :)

Happy Day Everyone!


Anonymous said...

I'm famous! You used my name in your blog. I'll start signing autographs as soon as I'm done baking my delicious, curtainless, blackberry pie.

So you also noticed Mark caressing your couch last night. Hum....

Cathy, I will get you. Mark and I are already plotting....

Chatty Kathy~Palmetto Prims said...

Hilarious!! I'm about to wet myself!! Sorry, but I will never let my daughter see the Mom translator. She would buy it for me and of course, I would lose it!! Thanks for the laugh!!

Lisa said...

Oh this is funny but your friends comment really made the whole thing so much more funny!!!
Thanks for a great laugh on Monday!!
Hugs, Lisa

Miri said...

I am exactly the same way...but DH always come through! Only he knows what I'm talking about-which movie, which actress etc... I pay him back by explaining what's actually going on in the movie!

Couldn't watch the clip though-Hulu doesn't work overseas :(