Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Getting Ready For the Giveaway

Considering the fact that my pumpkin plants out in the garden don't even have blossoms on them yet, let alone actual pumpkins, it is a bit early to be thinking about pumpkins. But I decided to dig up some of my pumpkin penny rugs from previous years to show just to get me even more excited about my upcoming giveaway.
So, as mentioned in my previous post, I will do a step by step tutorial on making this Pumpkin Penny Rug.

( EDIT: This tutorial has since been cancelled due to pattern designer issues.)
Once the penny rug is completed, I'll offer the finished one as a giveaway. I expect it to take a few weeks just because I have to fit in other sewing in between doing this one.
I've made many over the years and just about every one was different in some way just because of the different wools that I used.

The one above is with a dark grey background. I really like how that one turned out.
Kipp, the wonderful lady that I made the penny rug samples for, originally sent me the pattern for this along with the wool to make it. The wools were so lovely, with textures and plaids and beautiful overdyes, that I completely fell in love with it. She's the one that started me using black textured backgrounds on this instead of just plain colored black wool. The texture of the background just makes it more beautiful.

Anyway, Kipp taught me a lot over the years that I made things for her. If you're reading, thank you again, Kipp!

I'm going to try to start the Pumpkin Penny Rug on Friday, I think. I have to go through my wools to select the wools and get ready to dye the oranges for the pumpkins and the greens for the vines and leaves.

As followers of my blog, anyone who is listed over there to the left as a "follower", will get an extra "bonus entry" in the drawing for the giveaway, so if you're reading and have a blog, hurry up and get on the followers list so that you'll have a better chance.

I have the grandson at our house today and I think this afternoon, he and I will make a blueberry pie. He loves to help in the kitchen. He's only 2 1/2 but he can crack eggs and stir and pour things without making messes. Jen always lets him help when she's baking or cooking so he's learned how to make quite a lot of things. She's so patient, letting him help her all along the way.

I give myself a little credit for his cooking love too because he likes to watch the cooking shows on tv with me while I'm watching him. He knows Guy and Paula, and Rachel Ray and Tyler. He really likes Guy though, just because he has crazy hair and he says funny things that K likes to repeat like, "Baking can be messy" and "whoop, that's hot".

He really pays close attention to the different ingredients and he makes sure to tell me which ones he likes and which he doesn't like. Tyler's chili yesterday got a "no like chili, no".
He had me laughing after he saw a Walmart commercial. He infomed me that
"Walmart, ice cream, on sale!"

Ok, it's almost grandson time and I've got to get ready!
Happy day everyone! You bloggers out there reading ... don't forget! ....become a "follower". There will be benefits!


Anonymous said...

I love this design!! Can I get in on it too? Can't you just put in a paper with my name? Do I Have to really get an email account. You know I'm lazy!!!

OK I'm coming up to mooch on you again and get some blueberry pie.
Carol, the casserole maker

ohiofarmgirl said...

You convinced me...I visit often anyways so why not join. I love the pumpkin table runner....Dianntha

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Both are just beautiful...have fun with your grandson.

Gayle said...

I've been a follower of yours for awhile - am really looking forward to your tutorial - I think I have all the wools on hand that I'll need to make this darling penny rug!

Linda said...

Can't wait. I love all your work. See you friday.

CC said...

Your work is just gorgeous. I looked at the photos that are listed at the link on your sidebar..oh my!!!! your pincushions are beautiful. How very talented you are. I will have to become a follower to see what you make next..:). Hope you like my blog enough to become a follower as well..

Anonymous said...

I don't know the specifics with this pattern designer. From a designer point of view the person sees when you do the tutorial you are giving away a pattern they have designed and belongs legally to them. In our copyright laws those who cause the loss of income are also responsible for that loss and the income derived from those who use those patterns. Your pattern designer may have been burned in the past. There is a person who does tutorials that has made her passion of stealing from others and it may just be guilt by association. Her blog makes a specific reference to not respecting copyright laws.

Caths Pennies Designs said...

In response to "anonymous", I understand your very good point about copyright laws. This, however has nothing to do with my tutorial. She had no problem at all with me doing the tutorial. There were other issues that I don't care to get into on the worldwide web.
I'm always extremely careful about giving credit to all the other designers out there. In my tutorial, I clearly mentioned her name many times and also gave info about places where the pattern may be purchased.
Thank you for your thoughts though, I appreciate hearing from you. :)