Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Flowers and Fences

This is a picture that my daughter, Jen, drew up for me a few years ago. It's kinda cute and primitive looking and even at the time I thought it would make a great candle mat. I kept it hung up in my sewing room (Jen calls my sewing room "the crazy wool lady's room") and forgot about it until yesterday. I was moving things around and rediscovered it.
Sunflowers are more of a late summer kind of flower, so I'll definitely make it but not til next month. I drew it out just to get an idea of size and then drew some other flowers that I think I'll make next.
Hubby is on vacation this week, and he's building more fences for me. I've been wanting a white picket fence right along our sidewalk at the front of our house so we went out last night and purchased vinyl fencing sections. Wow, that stuff is expensive! We only need three sections though and it's really going to look nice, so it's worth it.
I've debated back and forth for a month now about the vinyl fencing. I reeeeally wanted wood pickets but he wisely reminded me that I'm getting old and we need to do things to decrease maintenance around the house, not increase. The wood fence would require painting every few years and we really have enought painting things to keep up with so I'm settling for vinyl.

So this is his project for the day. Our grandson will be over this afternoon, so I'm sure he'll be helping "pap" too. I'm really excited for this fence. Next will be an arbor .....
And I've already mentioned the arbor idea so that once the fence is up, he'll easily adjust his thinking to how to build a nice white arbor for me. :)
I've Ebay listed the Black-eyed Susan candle mat and the cute little pinkeep, so go take a look and get in on the bids.
See the flowers in the crock on the mat? Can anyone tell me what the name of those flowers are? They're tall and wispy and you can sorta see them in the fence picture up there (close to the driveway) I planted them a few years ago and they come back bigger and better every year ....well, as long as Jimmy doesn't mow them down ... but let's not go there.
But anyway, I sure would like to know what they are so that I can look for more perhaps in another color.

Happy Day everyone!


Colleen said...

Love the sunflower idea! I've got giant sunflowers growing in my yard. I plant them every year and am always amazed at how fast they grow and the size of their stalks!

Vinyl is the ONLY way to go in this part of the country! I live 90 miles north of you and we have a 30 year old wooden front porch that we have been talking about replacing with vinyl. Winters are too harsh on wood here. I like the idea of a small fence like what you are doing. We could do the same thing in our front yard along our sidewalk up to the front porch. Maybe I'll have to go to Home Depot this afternoon...hmmm.

the primitive country bug said...

The sunflower candle mat will be darling, just like the brown eyed susan one!
The fence along your walk is going to look fantastic. I hope you post more pictures of the completed project.
Is that flower maybe campanula?
Just a guess. Hope you find out for sure.
Hugs~ Birgit

Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Your name was chosen in my cast ornament giveaway. I am more than happy to send out Moravian stars or star strips to make your own or the orange ones for Halloween. Let me know what your choice will be...I think the orange would look great with some of your fall work, but ?

Lisa said...

I just love the crazy wool lady's creations!! I see you won an ornament from Nancy! CONGRATS!!!
Hugs, Lisa

The French Bear said...

I think those are larkspur, but I can't quite see them, maybe a picture of what they look like growing would tell! Hope that helps,
Margaret B