Monday, July 6, 2009

Black-Eyed Susans! New Summer Design

I have this problem of not sticking to one project at a time. I should be finishing up some orders and working on the pumpkin penny rug for the next how-to but I had to stop everything yesterday because I had a brainstorm for the next design.

I had to get this drawn out on paper while the idea was fresh in my head.
Black-Eyed Susans! I drew out the candle mat design and then a little pinkeep to match.
I've already started with the pinkeep just to try out the design and I have to admit, the black-eyed susans look more like sunflowers, but darn it, they're going to be called black-eyed susans
Rachel, the one who always offers up the constructive criticisms, was away visiting her volleyball friends for the dayand spent the night there, so I haven't any feedback yet on the design. I'm getting dependent on her useful suggestions, so I look forward to her return today just to see what she says.
This weekend hubby and I did quite a bit of junk shopping. The picture shows a few of the treasures that I found. Some fabric for a $1, another red and white tablecloth, in perfect condition for $2, and the wooden sewing rocking chair for $1. The rocking chair holds spools of thread on the side and has a slot in the back to hold scissors. It has a definite handmade look to it but I have plans for it. I'll paint it up and put a nice woolen pincushion on the seat and it'll be cute as a bug's ear!
The stoneware coffee cup that is in the picture wasn't part of the junk shopping. I collect handcast stoneware coffee cups and I bought this on Saturday from a potter who was set up at a craftshow in Ellwood City.
All my stoneware cups that I've collected have something different or orignal about them that makes them super special. This one, besides being a rich, leathery brown color, has a primitve square scratched/etched into the clay, on both sides of the cup.
But anyway, it was a good weekend for bargain shopping. We had a lot of fun.
I am babysitting this afternoon, so I plan to get some things finished during sweetie's naptime.
Happy Day!


Anonymous said...

Cute as a "bug's ear"??
Good grief, now that doesn't sound like you at all. It sounds more like farmer Joe.
Casserole Carol

Lisa said...

Wonderful as always!! I'm going to throw out all my other stuff and just have your pin keeps!!
Hugs, Lisa