Tuesday, January 11, 2011

1-11-11 Design Disaster Day!


I just realized that today is an all “1” day.  Perhaps by the time I’m finished writing this the posting time will show 1:11pm.

I think that would make it my lucky day.

Only luck will be able to help me with my latest design disaster!


I thought of this design waaay back in October but I couldn’t use it right away because I thought it would make an excellent Valentine themed candle mat.  I drew a quick picture so that I would remember and I set it aside until last week.

I drew out the design on paper.  ….rough sketch here …

100_4851 It’s two bluebirds with some hearts in between them.  It looks just perfect on paper.  At least to my eye, it looks perfect.

I dyed up the wools that I would need, getting a perfect mottled blue color for the bluebirds.  I matched up the threads to the wools that I would use …


I drew the entire design to size, measured and cut a brand new outside scallop edge to use for the background …

but …

No, I’m not even going to show the picture of what those darned bluebirds turned into once they were stitched down in wool.

Let’s just say that my cute, plump loving bluebirds on paper turned into grossly overweight, evil and scary birds once they were stitched onto a wool background.

I’m going to have to redesign those bluebirds to make them cute.

For now though, I’m going to set it aside.  Actually, I’ll hang the partially finished mat on the wall in the dining room so that I’ll have to look at it.  After a few days of looking, a redesign will come a lot easier.

This doesn’t happen often.  Usually, the ideas in my head turn out even better than I expect, but yes, every so often, I have a blunder design. 

There’s still hope.  The design has so much potential and I don’t usually give up easily.

Expect a cute bluebird pattern for the spring maybe?


So, here’s a little something to think about ….


My brother-in-law, Mark, gave me these three large envelopes that are full of old x-ray film.

Can anyone guess  how I use these old x-ray films and why I’m so absolutely thrilled to get them? 

An obvious hint is that I use the x-ray films with my designs.  :)

Go ahead, try to guess and next time I post, I’ll let you know how I use these.  

It’s a really good helpful tip and if you can get your hands on some old film, it will save you time and $$ with your quilting and appliqué work.

Carol, resist the urge to get attention and glory and DO NOT tell.



Happy Day everyone!


Evonne said...

I think they would make great templates! Maybe you can see through them to draw the design, then cut out and you have a template. ?????

SANDI said...

I'm with Evonne... I think you used them as templates for your designs. There a little heavier paper and you can see through them...

Anne said...

I have to agree...I think you use them as templates so you don't have to buy template plastic. That could get expensive when you're designing and having to redraw. Love your designs.

Bari Jo said...

Yes - my guess also would be templates - what a great idea! (assuming that it is used for that!) :O) Can't wait to see the cute little bluebirds!!!! You go girl!

theolde stone house said...

Hi Cathy
I use it for templates in quilting and penny rugs. It's great isn't it. I work in the Radiology dept so I used to get any that I wanted. Now though everything is going digital so take what you can get.
I'm sure the bluebirds will be fine. You'll come up with a great design.


moollin said...


Anonymous said...

my mouth is zipped shut. No hints from me...nope I'm not saying anything.... except you have some pretty smart blog readers.

casserole carol

Lindi said...

Good Morning!
You can be using them for templates....OR you are starting to design your Holloween patterns and will be using the bones! Great thought, huh? Lindi