Friday, January 7, 2011

Feed The Birds, Tuppence A Bag

Thanks to all of you who ordered the new pattern
“Love For Ewes”.   The pattern orders went out in the mail early this morning, so expect them early next week.

Do y’all know that Mary Poppins song, “Feed the Birds”? 
I wish bird food was only a tuppence a bag, which, after looking it up, equals about 2 pennies.
I do feed the birds, and it’s no where close to only 2 cents a bag.
This is my view of our birdfeeders from inside the house this morning.
I’m going to bundle up now and go out to fill them both back up, just as I do every single morning.
One feeder is empty, one feeder is half full. 
The birds eat a lot.
I’m not complaining … well, maybe I am a little bit … but I love watching the birds at the feeder during the day.  I can look out my kitchen window and watch them as I wash dishes or play with playdough with the grandson at the kitchen table.
The birds give us both lots of enjoyment so to me at least, the cost of feeding them is worth every tuppence.
But gosh …
The birds eat a LOT.
So far, we’ve gone through 4 50lb bags of seed.  Working on the newest 50lb bag now.
and we still have a lot of winter left.
I will always feed the birds, no matter how much it costs, but I’m thinking that perhaps there should be some kind of government program out there that can help me with the expenses.
We have a welfare program to help the poor people.  What about a welfare program to help the poor birds?
Did you know that the welfare program offers low income people free cell phones with service?  They get lots of assistance from the government to help them get by; free healthcare, public transportation, lunches for their kids at school, etc, etc, etc.
Let’s not get into the goods and bads of the welfare system right now, but I do feel, (tongue in cheek) that I should be able to get some welfare assistance to feed all these birds.
I have thousands of hungry ones depending on me to provide food for them every single day.
Who knows what would happen to them if I stopped feeding them?
Perhaps, they’d all just fall from the sky, dead from starvation?
Is that what our government wants? 
Thousands of birds, suddenly falling from the sky?
We need to write to our congressmen, senators and Pres. Obama to encourage them to create a federal birdseed assistance program.
It’s not like I’m asking for free cell phones for the birds.
If I had birdseed welfare money to provide food for the birds, then I would be able to use my own money to buy me some tattoos, cigs, whiskey, designer handbags, and some MaryJo too.
Ok, I’m starting to get into the bads of the welfare system now, so I’m going to shut up. :)
I love feeding the birds.
but sheesh …..
Those birds eat a lot!

Happy day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Wow, are we cranky this morning. Try some chocolate, that always cheers me up.

Casserole Carol

Anonymous said...

I know what will cheer you up.....Go to your front door and look at your beautiful orange snow fence!!

Casserole Carol

Anonymous said...

So that's why all those birds are dropping from the sky. People stopped feeding them.
Bought your pattern today. I look forward to starting on it.

adsgram said...

Chin up, Cath...I am doing my part here in NH...these birds are REAL hungry, and we don't even have full snow ground cover yet....YIKES!!!

My son bought me a bird bath water heater for Christmas, so they are getting electricity, too...