Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gotta Love Them Sheeps

Happy New Year everyone!

I have to say thank you to all of you ladies who offered suggestions to help me find the missing Barbie ornament. 
Even though I’m not Catholic, prayers even went out to St. Anthony to help me find it.   Actually, my husband was born and raised a Catholic, so I put him in charge of contacting St. Anthony. But still, no ornament to be found. 
I’ve given up and plan to order a new one online this week.  But thank ya’ll anyway.  The suggestions were much appreciated.  

I love sheep.  I love making sheep.  I’ve made a LOT of sheep over the years just because they are my favorite animals to make.
Here is a peek at my newest design ….
100_4795 I had hoped to finish it last night but it will be finished today.
This one is similar to my “Love Ewes” design ….
100_3287 But different!  I used buttons for the wheels on the “Love Ewes” design.  Some customers have trouble finding that many buttons of the same size to use.  So on this new design, I wanted to show that wool wheels can be just as cute as real buttons.
I hope to get the time soon to make another using real buttons just so the difference can be seen.
Anyway, this should be ready to sell as a pattern tomorrow so be sure to come back to see the finished pictures of it.

My love for sheep started a looong time ago and THIS pattern is what started it ….
100_4798 It’s a design from Woolsworth called Woolen Love Table Rug.
I originally made this back in the early 2000s as a sample for the lady that I worked for to use at her quilt shows.  I liked it so much that I made one for myself, only in greens instead of blue.100_4797  And it’s still hanging in my dining room.
It takes a lot of love for me to get the time to make something just for myself, especially when the lady that I worked for kept me so busy stitching every day. 
Another inspiration for me was this vintage potholder …
100_4796 I’ve no idea how old this potholder is.  I found it in a kitchen drawer in my mother-in-laws house after she passed away.
I keep this hanging at the side of my fridge.  This potholder inspired me to create a few candle mats to sell.  Like this one ….
000_1250 And this Spring one …..
Pictures 106 Gosh, how I loved this last one! 
My intentions at the time was to make seasonal mats with the sheep and I remember getting a good response to that idea when I mentioned it in my blog.  But I got off track and never really took it any further than this Valentine and the Spring sheep candle mats.
I don’t know if I will continue it but I do know that you will see more sheep from me in the future.  And you probably will see another version of this spring mat too, simply because it’s just so darn cute, I have to make it into a pattern to sell.

So this new year will bring more new patterns ….  more pansies and more sheep are guaranteed. 
Keep watch for new things and I’ll be back tomorrow with my newest pattern design ready to sell.

Happy Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Adorable as always! I especially like the spring sheep design.

Ha, ha! I'm the first to comment this time!

Casserole Carol

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

So cute Cathy and would go with my Love Ewes!
I was wondering for the SNOW mat your white looks SO white. Where do I find wool that white?

Denise * KKL Primitives said...

Beautiful work! I love all your penny rugs.

Anonymous said...

Wheels on carts instead of wheels on legs! Love it.
They can copy you but they'll never "be" you. ;)
My credit card is ready to buy another pattern.

Bari Jo said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE - love your designs!! So sorry Barbie is MIA (have you checked with Ken? Hee hee....) I hate when I can't find something I put in a 'safe' place! Can't wait to see the newest sheep patterns! Happy New Year! :O) Bari

Lois said...

Hi Cathy,
Not a sheep person, but do love your sheep!!!!!

Lois L.