Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I finished up my little shelf pillow last night. I think it will work nicely in a candle mat so that will be my next project. Looking at it, I can see what little changes need to be made .... the tail needs to be tipped up a bit more and also more detail will be added to the wings to make them stand out more. Otherwise, it's looking good!

My next project that I started last night is not my own design. It's a design by Annelle's Orignals. . "Tea for Me" is her brand new design and I just love it!
I went through my wool stash to get the right colors and the background of the pattern shows it as a medium blue color. I like working with textures especially in the background so I picked out a tweedy light brown wool, thinking that it would dye nicely and give it a blue tint. After looking at it more though, I like the color that it is and I think at least for this first one I make, I'll stick with the original wool color.
This mat is going to take a few days because of all the details.
Hopefully some progress pictures tomorrow!

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