Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pansies, pansies and more pansies!

Oh, it's such a dreary rainy day today. It's a great day for catching up and finally finishing all the different sewing projects that I've started. I'm just about finished with the "Tea For Me" candle mat. I plan to show the finished pictures tomorrow. Mostly, I've been dyeing wool and making pansies the last few days.

The grandson came to visit for the day on Monday. He's drawing pretty pictures on my pattern templates. When he sees paper and a pencil side by side, naturally he's going to draw. His artwork is on quite a few of my templates now.
This blue pansy has always been a popular color. I still need to add the gold in the center, blanket stitch the base on, stuff it and then sew on the bottom base.
The two finished pincushions! I really like how my experimental yellow one turned out. I'll put them on Ebay in the next few days along with a few other things. The pincushions are sitting on what is the beginnings of my next project which is a strawberry candle mat. I dyed the red wool for the strawberries and the green dyed wool for the leaves is finishing in the dryer right now. I'll get started on that, hopefully tonight.


Lisa said...

Hi Cathy! I'm so glad I found your blog! I really thought the idea of blogs where people rattled on about their own whatever was silly. I'm having a blast! reading and writting. I hope someone else enjoys mine as much as I do others!Love the pansies, too bad I'm so broke! I'll get one soon, I look at my hearts all the time. The red and white one is still sitting out too! Keep looking you may find it on my blog soon!

Loretta said...

I'm here from Pink Saturda; I'll have to bookmark your blog and come back. It sure looks very interesting!