Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grass growing demonstration by grandson, age 2

Our precious was over for a visit on Thursday. He always likes to "help" grandma so we decided to plant some indoor grass.
This is something I do every year right before Easter. I think I got the idea from Martha Stewart but I'm not sure ... it was many years ago. The grass that grows look so nice with decorated Easter eggs in them.
So on with the how-to demonstration!
First he prepared the container by dumping cupfuls of potting mix into a nice little plastic dish. If you spill some dirt on the countertop, just say, "uh oh, mess!" and grandma will clean it up!

Here, he is misting the soil with some warm water. It takes a lot of spraying to moisten the dry soil, so it's helpful to get extra energy by eating vanilla wafers while spraying.

After the soil is moistend, he used a spoon to push the soil evenly.

He is taking a break to let all the water soak completely into the soil.

I had made a grass dish a few days ago, so he wanted to mist it too.

The grass is growing high here. It's almost time to cut it!

Time for the seeds! Any grass seed will work. I've a cheap bag that I got years ago from Kmart and year after year, it always works, never getting old.
He grabs handfuls of grass seed and covers the top of the soil.
Put a good thick layer of grass seed on top. Water it well to moisten the seeds and then cover it with plastic wrap. Set it aside and in a couple days, the grass will sprout. Take the plastic off and watch it grow! Make sure to mist it every day because the dirt in the shallow dish gets dry quickly.
When the grass gets too high, take some scissors and cut it! More pictures will come later with the decorated grass!

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