Sunday, March 22, 2009

I did a little pansy dyeing yesterday. This shows the beginning steps to making the blue pansy pincushion. The larger piece of wool is heavy, blanket weight wool that is used for the scallopped base. The smaller pieces will be used for the petals. I'll wait for it the wool to dry and then go to the next step.
This yellow is an experiment pansy. I saw a pansy picture with pretty speckled yellow petals. I can make that! ...or at least I can try to make that!
Today, when the dyed wool was dry, I was able to cut the petals for the blue pansy. I decided to dye the wool that I use for the two top petals, darker than it was. So once the petals were cut, I dipped each petal tip into the dye and then dipped the edges. Once again, I wait for them to dry. When the petals are slightly damp, I pinch and shape them to make the petals look even more realistic.
The yellow wool turned out nicely. To make the speckles, I sprinkled instant coffee crystals on the dry wool and then spritzed it with hot water. I'll let it air dry and then put it in the clothes dryer to set the color. I will rinse the wool again, after it's dried, just to get that coffee smell out. When all that is done, I'll cut the petal shapes. I have lots to do tomorrow!

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