Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I'm (not) In The Mood For Fall .... Penny Rugs!

It's been difficult for me to get into the "Fall" mood because we really haven't had a good hot summer. What ever happened to hot summer nights? Here in Pa, we've had cool summer nights. I usually turn off the air conditioner after dinner just because it's so cool outside. Maybe this means that our fall weather will be hot and muggy?
But anyway, I force myself to work on the fall sewing designs which is probably why my lastest project has evolved into something that I hadn't planned from the start.

Once I changed the look of the crow ... from cute to mean ... it all went together nicely with the design turning out just as I imagined in my head. They will make cute shelf pillows .... except ... I've decided to make a penny rug instead of little shelf pillows...maybe. I like how these look layed out on the background green army blanket wool. I will add 4 tongues to both sides using greens and pumpkin oranges....maybe ... or I might just make them into shelf pillows, which would be much easier and quicker. ha! Oh the indecison is stressing me.

I think I'll cut out the tongues then lay it all out on my dining room table and just look at it for a day or two. Then I can decide if they will turn into 2 sets of cute little shelf pillows/pinkeeps or if they will become one large penny rug.

Maybe I'll make another set so that I can do both the shelf pillows AND a penny rug!

I dunno .... Someone tell me what to do?! Please?!

What I really want to do is start working on another new design that I drew out the other day. But I need to finish this project up first because there's just too much clutter around here already from this project and add in all the college girl moving things that are packed in the corner of my living room .... There's just to much going on already.

Happy Day everyone! I've decisions to make!


Anonymous said...

your designs are so pretty.. I love your crows!

Carrie ~ said...

Love your process, hang in there its coming along. Do you need pillows or another penny rug, or maybe a penny rug with a couple small pillow options. Groups are nice, how about a coaster too!! Sorry, I know you wanted to move on... ;))

Keetha Broyles said...

Blame the cool summer on global warming, it gets blamed for everything else. Then go out and drive your big SUV (if you don't own one, borrow one) around the block a few times to warm things up good and proper before fall truly arrives.

Glad to be of help. wink wink

Blunt but loving daughter said...

They're better as pillows.

The French Bear said...

Oh Cath, it's beautiful!!! I love it, any way you make it, it's just stunning!! Are you selling it? I call dibs if you are!!!!! I love it as a runner, but pillows are nice too.....
some help I am hey?!!!!
Margaret B

Lisa said...

Your design is perfect! And I'm with you about the not ready for fall. I'm slowly getting into it since the stores are getting the fall stuff in but I'm not ready to change my decor.
Relax you have time.
Hugs, Lisa

Mary said...

I think it looks fabulous! Don't wait for fall too long, it sometimes has a way of sneaking up on you in PA!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

oh I love your penny rugs..they are absolutely beautiful...:)

Anonymous said...

What plaent do you live on!!! Ladies, Cathy is one of those people who wears a sweater all summer long! It's so stinking hot and muggy here (just 10 miles down the road from where Cathy lives) that when I get home I immediately strip down to the least amount of clothing I can get away with. I lay on the bed with the ceiling fan turned on high and cool myself off before going out into the kitchen to cook! I wish we could do a blood transfusion so that you could get some of my warm blood and I could have your cold blood.
I can hardly wait until you get hot flashes!

i also can't understand why you got all the talent--and all I got was a big mouth!

the penny rug looks georgeous...don't make it pillows.
Stay COOL.
Casserole Carol

Carlie said...

Do both!!! A rug on the table and pillows nearby would look great and no more your work which ever way it goes.

Anonymous said...

Your designs are amazing...
I really like your blog...
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