Friday, August 28, 2009

My Zany Mailcarrier

First of all, before I tell about my wacky mailcarrier, let me say that not only does this woman share my name, (spelled with a "C" too), she also lives in PA, she also has a few Harleys in her garage, and she also has a love for wool.

She's not me though, and this picture proves it! She paints! Yes, Cathy of Tolentreasures painted this old traincase. She showed a picture of it on her blog and I fell in love with it.

I think she must been tired of all my drooling comments about it because she graciously offered it to me for trade with something of mine own creation.

I remember my parents having a case like this ... (Sister Carol, whatever happened to it?)

We always called it a cosmetic case and it's what the family took everywhere on vacation. It was a light blue in color and those front clasps had a very unique sound to them when they popped up. I love that sound.

So, thank you Cathy. It's such lovely artistry and I plan to keep it on display in my dining room where it will hide away/store some of my sewing things.

Now, my mailcarrier ..... Iwon't say her name because who knows who might be reading this. She's a really nice and friendly most times, but she has this thing about packages that is really annoying.

Our mailbox is located down by the road and we have a loooooong driveway that leads up to the house. If a package is too big to fit into the mailbox, our carrier, naturally, has to drive it up to our house. She doesn't like to get out of her vehicle though, so the package gets thrown out her window, onto the driveway, by the garage. If it's raining, she does get out to place the package undercover somewhere but it's never placed on our front porch, for some odd reason. After she delivers it, she'll leave a scawled note in our mailbox that tells us where she put our package. That's fine, but her handwriting is so bad that most times it can't be deciphered. I just know now that when I see a note from her, she's either yelling at us because someone put the wrong address on a letter,(that makes her sooooo angry ... she viciously circles the incorrect address) OR she's left a package somewhere up at the house.

Our front porch has a roof over it so I could never figure out why she wouldn't put the package there. Now, it's just fun to see how many different places she can find to place our delivered packages.

We've found them in our vehicles, in our opened garage, on our covered sideporch ... she walked right passed our front porch to put the package on the side porch! We used to have a carport at the side of the house, she liked to put things under our carport too. The one and only time I ever remember her coming to the front door was the right after she started her business ... a woman's gym in town, so she knocked on the door, handed me my package and a discount coupon for her grand opening.

Way back, years ago, when she first started delivering our mail, I asked her to please not put the packages on the driveway. Her reasoning? She was scared of our Golden Retriever dog. That was reasonable, I guess. Our dog was friendly but she had free reign to run loose on our property so I can understand why the mailcarrier might be a little intimidated by her.

Our dog died about 4 years ago though, and she still drops the packages out her car window on sunny days!

So I've been expecting Cathy's package in the mail. The last few days have been sunny so around delivery time, I was watching for the mailcarrier vehicle so that I could go out and get it off the driveway.

My mailcarrier tricked me this time. To my amazement, on a sunny day, she got out of her vehicle and place the package .... ON THE FRONT PORCH!

I'm baffled. I'm disappointed. Is she not ever going to surprise me again with secret delivery spots around our house? I won't have anything to complain about if she continues doing this. I'm going to have to purchase something big online now ...something that won't fit in the mailbox .... just to test her. :)

Happy day everyone! It's raining here, so this is a good sewing day.


Char said...

Oh lucky you!!!!...I have a few pieces from a swap with Cathy and here handpainting is AWESOME!!!!...I drooled over that case too!!!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

WOW! I LOVE IT! That is so cute! She is very talented! I can see it now just full of your sewing stuff. It's perfect for you!

Now about your mail lady, I am appalled that she just dumps your packages out anywhere! I'm glad she hand delivered this package to you, but really! My mail lady will toot the horn if she thinks I'm home and I go out and get it to keep her from having to get out. I do that because I want to, not because I have to. If I'm not home, she gets out and puts my package on the bench next to my back door on the porch.

As much as shipping costs and the amount of things that get broken, it's a shame that packages are not handled more carefully. What ever happened to service? We surely pay for it, but rarely get it anymore.

Oh well, off my soap box now! :D

I bet you are already sorting out your stuff to put in that awesome train case!

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

I think the blue train case might still be in the attic. I'll have to have Greg hop up and take a look. I know there are some bigger old suitcases also.

If I give you a suitcase or train case, do I get the one Cathy is sending you????

casserole carol

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Cute story, but I wish my postal delivery gal would bring things to the house, she leaves a note and we have to go to the PO the next day. :(( One more day to wait when you know its that exciting purchase you have been watching for!!

Enjoy your case, it is cute!!!

Lisa said...

Cathy you are a nut! You shouldn't do that to the poor woman! I cannot stop laughing since you said the dog died 4 yrs ago. I'm glad she didn't man handle the lovely case though. How nice to have a trade.
Hugs, Lisa

theolde stone house said...

Ilove your stories. I was laughing out loud and my family just looks at me like I'm nuts. I am but they need not rub it in.
The case is really nice. I remember droolong over it too. What a special place to "hide" projects you're working on.

Graet weekend for sewing. Supposed to rain all weekend her in PA.


Tolentreasures said...

Cathy, Glad that it made it safe and sound, too funny about your mail carrier, we used to have a bad one and we were actually just talking about her the other day. I bought three more today! When will I ever get them done?