Monday, August 10, 2009

She works hard for no money: Back to work!

Lookie! I'm back!
Whew, last week was just a blur of busy-ness.
Rachel came home from working Volleyball camp on Wednesday and yesterday, she left to go back to school for pre-season volleyball training.
She won't be able to come back home until Thanksgiving so I tried to make her final days here not too miserable. She loves it there at college and she really doesn't miss us terribly but what she does miss is my homecooking. :)
So, the last few days, I made some special dinners for her just so she'll want to come home again
I've had no time for any projects. Yesterday, after she left and to help my poutiness, I sat down and redid the crow on this little shelf pillow. Remember I said I didn't want a cute crow ... I wanted one that looked nasty? Someone commented that the crow looks cute because of the flower it was carrying in its mouth and ya know .... that comment really helped me to get him to look nastier. I did change the shape of the crow but I also I took that flower right out of his mouth. Now I'm going to make him look like he's pulling the sewn petals right off the flowers. He's not cute when he's tearing apart my sunflowers!
So it's not finished yet ... another example of how a simple pumpkin and crow design turns into complications because of my perfectionist tendencies. I will have more time this week ...only babysitting K 3 days ... so I hope to spend it on catching up the blogging and sewing. I need to get things on Ebay!
Currently, this is what the corner of my living room looks like ......Please don't click on the picture to make it larger! The living room will look this way for just one week, hopefully. Yes, it's a mess of college girl moving items.

Even though Rachel left for school yesterday, all of her things except for basic living items stayed here. That's because in pre-season training, she lives with her team in dorm rooms on campus. Once pre-season is over, they all move to either their apartments or other dorm rooms where they will live for the rest of their school year. Looking at her training schedule, it looks like she'll have about 3 hours of spare free time on Saturday to help us move her things into the apartment where she'll be living for the rest of the year.

So, my husband and I have to transfer all her things to the truck and take them down there ... about 1 3/4 hours drive. We're hoping to move her things down next Saturday. Hoping, HOPING is the key word here because that spare free 3 hours might turn into NO spare free hours if the coach decides they need to do something. If that's the case, then we'll have to wait for the next weekend, when training is over.

Notice the open door on the cupboard in the far right corner? That's my sewing cupboard where I keep all of my supplies ... threads, scissors, patterns.
I kept the door opened so that I can somehow reach the 5 feet or so acrossed all the boxes to get something out of my cupboard, if needed.
This is the third year that we've moved Rachel's things without her help so I've learned how to save my husband and I some back injuries and sore mucsles. Even though it's a huge mess in the living room for a week or possibly two, it's a heck of a lot easier transferring it to the truck from the living room than my husband and I both hauling things down from one flight up, in her room.
I'll live with the mess to save us some soreness.

So that's my life in a nutshell.
Oh, on Saturday, we did a girls night out and went to the movies!
Rach, Jen, my sister Carol my neice Steph and I all went to see the movie Julia & Julia.
Great movie!
As we were walking in, I noticed all the ... umm .... older people there. I warned both Jen and Rach that the theater seats would be filled with us oldsters and I was right. Rach, Jen and Steph --all 20somethings -- were the youngest ones there in the theater but they still really enjoyed the movie. I have to say though that from the comments from the man sitting beside us and another man leaving afterwards ... this probably isn't really as enjoyable for the guys.

Ok, I'm outta here ... I'm anxious to get back to sewing and finishing up the shelf pillows. I have a brand new penny rug design that I'm really so so excited to get started on too.

Oh Rachel, why do you have to grow up? I miss you.


Carlie said...

I think your crow looks real nice. I really like your designs...keep up the good work!!!

Linda said...

Can't wait to see the finished pillow.

Lisa said...

Oh they have to grow up. It is the rules! You are a good mom to move her stuff everytime! Good luck on the pillow. I hope you can get to your stuff!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

Your designs are amazing...
I really like your blog...
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