Friday, August 14, 2009

When In Doubt, Do It All!

As you can see from the picture, I made the decision to just go ahead and make the darn penny rug!

I had the whole project sitting out on the table all day Wednesday, glaring at it each time I walked past, wishing and hoping that I would decide to just take the easy way out, stick to my original plan, and make shelf pillows out of these little pumpkin squares.

In the end though, I couldn't do it. I knew that I had to make a penny rug.

It's still not completed. I need to put backings on the tongues, attach them and attach those little sunflowers in the center. Then to finish, I will sew on the backing.

And yes, that's a matching shelf pillow in the picture. I've only one finished though ... the one with the crow is halfway finished.

In other news, plans have already changed for college girl moving day. We were hoping to move Rachel's things down to her college apartment tomorrow but it's changed to Sunday now instead.
That's not really that much of a problem, except Sunday is August 16th. 34 years ago on August 16, my husband and I were married, so our anniversary will be spent moving furniture.

Oh well!

My husband has taken vacation time and we will have all week to celebrate, so it's ok.
Happy day everyone!


Stina said...

It became just wonderful and so did the little shelf sitter too... Happy anniversary to both of you!!! ;o)

Juanita said...

Cath, I love it!! I really want to try my hand at one but I am so nervous to give it a try.Thanks so much for sharing and have a blessed day and happy anniversary!

carolyn@primitive~devotion said...

Well, it looks awesome! You sure have put a lot of work & detail into it. And the little pillow is great too!

As for moving day.....I hope it goes smoothly and that you two can enjoy your anniversary.

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope the moving goes smoothly! LOVE the mat and pillow!!!
Hugs, Lisa

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

Your penny rug turned out so well, love the 4 different scenes, very original. This shelf sitter is so cute. I just love them.
Happy Anniversary, have a fun week together!

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Your rug looks wonderful. Just love pumpkins. Have a great anniversary...all week long!
; )

Valerie said...

Happy Anniversary!

The penny rug's pretty, so push on... :)

appleberrycottage said...

I love the little shelf pillow!

Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful...
Thanks for sharing...
Naton wide cash is easy and fast

Jenny Carter said...

This rug is amazing!

Buttonchief7 said...

Recently discovered you and just loved the fruit candle mats so I made one for my Mom's birthday gift. Used a crocheted runner with four fruits in the corners. The blueberries were fun to make also. Stuffed mine with wool scraps. I also like to use the kool-aid for dyeing wool.