Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It’s Time to THINK Spring

Western Pa has been pretty dreary lately. Cloudy, overcast days with virtually no sun along with coldness can make even a happy person depressed.

I’m generally in a good, upbeat mood most days, but this weather is getting to me.

Ya know what I did? I went back through my picture files and looked at all my valentine and spring designs from last year.

I’m in a much better mood now.

Spring time is not far away and I’m going to start thinking spring.

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I love flowers .. in fact, I have an obsession for putting flowers in most of the things that I make.

This is what I’m currently working on. And it doesn’t have flowers, although I could put a flower or two in this ….. hmmm …


It’s a design that’s been in my head for a while now but I just haven’t had the chance until now to draw it out and then see if it works in wool. It doesn’t have a name yet, although, when asked the other night, Rachel had me laughing hysterically at her many suggestions. And no, I’m not going to name it “two cats, one heart”


I’m going to change the thread colors in the face because as you can see, it’s a bit too dark and doesn’t show well from a distance. I think just lighter threads for the whiskers and the mouth will make a big difference. It’s the trials and errors of working out the design.

When I’m through with this one, it’s time to think spring with some new spring designs. The one that’s been flipping around in my head has already been named even before it’s birth. “Bunnies Splashin’

Thank you all for such a great response for “Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch” It’s by far been my number one best seller in presale orders.Tonight I’ll be raising the pattern price to the regular price of $9.50 so if you wish to get in on the special preorder price of $8.50, click up there on the Paypal button to purchase it.

The wool kits to go with this are just about sold out. As far as I know, right now, there are only 2 kits left so if you wish to purchase the kit for this, which will create this exact same candle mat, using the same wools, just email me and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice to purchase it for $40.00 plus $2.00 shipping.

Brenda, from Pumpkin Patch Primitives will be selling the kitted patterns for this also, so keep watch at her site in the next few weeks.

Happy sunny day, even with overcast skies, everyone!


West Side of Straight said...

What wonderful spring rugs! We're tired of winter! Have a great week.

Linda said...

Ha! Love the cats with hearts. You are really on a roll with the ewes, Scarecrow Jack, and the cats. Keep up the great work!

Cara said...

OMG!! I love the top one, the purple flowers? My mom would go gaga.

Lisa said...

LOVE the heart candle mat!! The heart pin keeps are great too! Lots of drooling going on here!
Hugs, lisa