Monday, January 18, 2010

New Patterns are in the Mail !

Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch is ready to be mailed out today for all those who’ve ordered him.
I got a terrific response to this pattern, so now I know that I’m not the only crazy one to make FALL candle mats in the middle of WINTER!
Thank you all for the orders. I really appreciate it. The funny notes and emails that come along with the orders always make me smile too. :)
The kits for this pattern are almost ready to sell. Jen, the local lady who is making the kits hopes to have them all finished and ready to mail for this Thursday. The kits will include all the 100% wools and threads needed to create this candle mat. The tweed wool for the hat will even come with light interfacing ironed on the back so that it’s exactly like the one that I have shown in the picture above. The pumpkins and the sunflowers are hand-dyed and the black background wool as well as the black backing are off-the-bolt and then felted, 100% black wools.
Price for the kit , including the pattern, will be $40 plus $2.00 shipping. There will be a very limited number of kits though, so if you’re interested, send me an email and I’ll put you on the list.
In other news, my “Love Ewes” finished wool candle mat is now listed for sale on Ebay. Go HERE to take a look.
Ok, the business is out of the way. Let me tell you what’s going on around here ….
This is “Pete”. Rachel received Pete as a gift from her boyfriend last year for Christmas. Our grandson, upon seeing the beta fish for the first time, dubbed him “Pete” for some reason and the name stuck.
Pete lives with us on the kitchen table during the times that Rachel is home from college. He goes back to college with her when she leaves today.
Pete is one of those pets that you neither love or hate … he’s just … there. He really has no personality and I feel sorry for him all alone in the vase, with nothing to do … but watch me cook.
Yes, Pete watches me cook and wash dishes. He really liked when I made nut roll right before Christmas because it was done close to him. He puts his face right up to the glass and really watches closely.
Pete gave Rachel a little scare last week. She came home late and discovered Pete at the bottom, not moving, not responding, not breathing. She tried various things that usually make him respond. She dropped food in. She tapped the glass. She SHOOK the vase. Nothing.
Pete was dead. Or at least almost dead.
Rachel didn’t want to see Pete floating the next morning so she picked the vase up and headed to the bathroom.
Disposing the remains by flushing was the best way.
Just as Rachel was tipping the vase to the commode, Pete suddenly came to life. I think fish must instinctively react when they see white porcelain because he made sure that Rachel knew that he was REALLY alive.
So Pete is alive and well now and Rachel and I appreciate him a little more now too. He almost died and I’m pretty sure that I would miss him if he had.
Sadly he’s going back to college today to “play volleyball” as K likes to say. When asked what Rachel does at college, he says, “she plays volleyball” so naturally, if Pete is living with Rachel, then Pete is playing volleyball too. I think he really believes that’s all Rachel does at college.
So yes, Pete and Rachel are leaving to go back to school today. It will be a sad next few days for me until I get used to having her gone, again.
And Pete won’t be around to watch me cook and wash dishes. Poor lil guy … I bet he’s going to miss that. :)
Happy Day everyone!


Brenda said...

Poor Pete, he was almost a goner! That'll teach him to nap when the humans are watching! LOL!
My son has frogs...they are also pets that "just "are", or as we adults like to note, boring! But he loves 'em and I don't have to clean the tank so I'm good, hahaha!
Love the pattern and can't wait to have then kitted up for my customers, I know they're going to love 'em! B=)

Kaaren said...

Gorgeous pattern, Cath. Congratulations!

Just think...Pete's getting an education too. Maybe he'll be a master chef in his next life after watching you cook. (wink)

Michele said...

Congrats on the pattern. I love it and plan to do it when I get a little more experience. I've just started doing these and found your site. I am ordering the snowman off of etsy so look for me.


Anne said...

Love, love, love the pattern. Just ordered it! Wheee. Good job.

Anonymous said...

interesting article. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys hear that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.