Sunday, January 10, 2010

Think Spring while Stitching Fall (#2 Tutorial)

This is my continuation of the tutorial for the Scarecrow and Pumpkin Penny Rug Candle Mat.
I still haven't officially named this cute mat yet, but I've had some terrific helpful suggestions. Thank you to all for that help. I'm always amazed at how wonderful you ladies are. The charming emails that I get always brighten my day and believe me, with the weather we're having around here, my days need brightened!

Anyway, it never occured to me to name the scarecrow as some have suggested. It's a great idea. I love the name "Curly" for him. An Ebayer took the time to message me with the terrific suggestion of "Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch" ! I'm leaning towards that name now.
If any one else has any suggestions, please help!

Ok, on to more tutorial. I'm going to have the pattern for this ready to sell soon, so those of you who purchase the pattern will easily be able to come to these tutorial postings to help you along the way while making this yourself.
I shouldn't have to say this but have learned that I must ... Please don't steal my pictures so that you can trace the shapes to make this without the pattern. This design is copyright protected.

The scarecrow hat is ready to be blanket stitched on. I don't do this often, but I cheated and ironed on some lightweight fusible interfacing to the underside of the wool that I'm using for the hat. The tweed wool is perfect for the hat but it's a woven wool that didn't felt well so the threads fray easily. The interfaceing will hold those threads in place and since it's really thin, lightweight interfacing, the wool is still pliable and easy to stitch through. Like I said, I rarely use interfacing, but sometimes it just has to be done.

The hats get a green hatband which is whipped stitched around the edges in the same color. I then used lighter color thread and did a running stitch across the band.

Now it's time for my favorite part! Stitching the face!

I positioned the red nose first and whip stitched that on. It's just too tiny to blanket stitch.
The eyes are little french knots placed on either side of the cute little nose.

The smile was created with a backstitch and the french knot little freckles give him charm.

Of course he needs some straw hair. This is just random straight stitches with a few stitches hanging loose on both sides just to give it more dimenstion. I also added in some loose straw on his shirt

This is the results so far. I'm almost finished. But really, this looks great as it is now without adding anymore details, but I love doing the details so I'll continue on tomorrow to add patches on the scarecrow, tendril vines on the pumpkins and the sunflowers.
For the beginning first steps of this tutorial go here: Think Spring while Stitching Fall (A Tutorial)
For the last steps that complete this tutorial go here: Think Spring while Stitching Fall (a Tutorial #3)

I'll be back tomorrow to post the final steps for the Pumpkin and Scarecrow candle mat tutorial.

Happy Day everyone!


The French Bear said...

All of your work and theirs are beautiful!!!! I love the pin keeps, so delightful! I am so sad that people are stealing your ideas, I have that problem too but I have never done anything about it...... I didn't know you could. Oh well, I will just think of it as a compliment!
I just love the candle mats you make, they are always so well done, your stitching is incredible.
Margaret B

Linda said...

Thanks for the tutorial and for the into to Kathy. Her photos and your tutorials are a great help to new stitchers. Looking forward to getting new patterns underway!

Kaaren said...

Beautiful work and a wonderful design, Cathy. It's a keeper for sure!

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Love your designs...always done so nice:)

Lisa said...

You are so good to do all the how tos! I am a total failure at sewing but my mom loves to see these! I love that pin keep! It went for $66! Worth it but way out of my range! I am so excited to get out your sweet hearts you made me last year!!
Hope your day ws great!!
Hugs, Lisa