Monday, March 8, 2010

New Pattern and Jury Duties

This new pattern called “Springtime Garden” is being printed today so it should be ready to go in a few days ….


I usually do preorders with my new patterns, but I’ll have to wait until tomorrow or Wednesday to announce when the preorders can start.  It all depends on the courthouse.

I have jury duty starting some time this week, I think.  I had to call last week to find out what day to report but the recorded message at the courthouse told me that they haven’t decided which day they wish the honor of my presence.   I’m told that I need to call today after 4pm for the time and day that they wish for me to report for duty.  I hope the message will tell me to report tomorrow so that I can just get this over with.

Jen and Jason need me to babysit on Thursday and Friday and without me, one of them will have to miss work so it’s pretty important that I don’t get the jury duty on either of those days.

It’s annoying to have to wait but there’s nothing I can do at this point.

So anyway, if I have jury duty, I will not have much time to get patterns ready for mailing so y’all will have to wait with me!

I really love the pretty spring colors in this design.  I might consider selling the spring colored wools to go with this pattern too.  It really depends on when my wool order will be delivered and how soon I will be able to get out the dye pots and of course, that all depends on my jury duty time too!


This weekend was a good one.  Rachel came home for the day on Saturday to use our washing machine visit because she missed us.

She left for her Florida spring break trip yesterday so she wanted to wash all of her dirty clothes before she left spend some quality time with us before she left.  :)

We did have fun.  We shopped and we went out for dinner.

Aww,  Rach  called JUST NOW to tell me happy Florida day! haha…she’s happy to be cramped into a hotel sized condo room with 4 other girls and the ocean right at her doorstep.

She really is a perfect daughter.  She texted me throughout their drive down and when they arrived so that I wouldn’t worry.

Whoops, I should say that Jen is a perfect daughter too.  I raised two nearly perfect girls.   But please, as perfect as they are, I hope y’all will let me know if you happen to see Rachel in a “Girl’s Gone Wild” video so that I can promptly disown her.  :)

I’ve been asked about this design …


I want to tweak the design a bit more before I make it into a pattern.  I hope to have the “tweaking” done by next week.

Happy Day Everyone! 


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Wonderful creations, as always!

Char said...

I think that first one is just BEAUTIFUL!...I love all the fresh spring colors!...just perfect to brighten a day!

You know I have a son who does that...comes to conviently visit us on laundry day and when he needs a haircut!....hmmmmm, that is why I told him he can never get a washer or find another hair stylist...cuz we might never see him again!

Sandi said...

I am glad you could use my tip on the tin foil. :-) Love your new spring project and the chicks are just too cute! Jury duty is one of those "necessary but can be invenient things" we have to do. I chuckled at the daughter comments. :-)

Anonymous said...

spring hatch or spring hatchlings. whatever you name it we want it in our shop! too bad you can't stitch in the courtroom! patti/badger brook farm