Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Overdyeing Heaven!

I was so hoping to be able to show my current spring project … you know, that one that I had shown a few days ago with all the delicious spring colors. But I’m not quite done with it yet and I’d prefer to show the finished product so that you can get a visual WOW when you see it!

My sister, Casserole Carol stopped in this afternoon, on her way from a business meeting and got a sample view of it. I think she might have liked it too. Thank you for the visit, Carol. You need to come out this way more often for business meetings!

But I do HAVE to show my latest wool purchase that kinda proves that I have an uncontrollable addiction to buying wool.

You see, I REALLY REALLY don’t need anymore wool. I’ve enough now in my stash to last for a looooong time. But I still have to buy it when I see it at a really good price…. It’s all about overdyeing the wonderful textures!

100_3520 Our local thrift store had a 50% off everything sale this past Saturday. The line to check out was quite long with at least 20 people in front of me but I just HAD to have that sports coat there on the far left. It’s simply gorgeous lambswool. So soft and thick and only $2. I would’ve paid lots more for it just because of how lovely this wool is. It even has a lovely silk hankie in the pocket.

I usually don’t buy jackets now just because they take so much time to break down and the effort only gives a little bit of wool. I just couldn’t pass this up though. Sorry, I’m going on and on about this jacket, but it’s just soooo nice! haha … see, I’m obsessed. It’s a sickness, I know!

All these nice textures that I purchased will overdye beautifully so I’m anxious to get them torn apart so that I can start dyeing.

I just can’t wait to dye that lambswool! It will be heavenly!


When breaking down those jackets, ladies, don’t forget to save the nice buttons too! The lambswool jacket rewarded me with 10 buttons of the same size. and 4 larger sized matching buttons. Almost enough to use for my “Love Ewes” sheep pattern … which by the way …..

black hearts

Do you notice anything odd about this “Love Ewes” picture?

The brown coloring of the background wool isn’t good on it but there’s something else that is very wrong with it.

I had pictures printed by York Labs. I use the pictures for the front of my patterns so I ordered a lot from York to get a discount price. All of the other pictures turned out perfectly except for the “Love Ewes” pictures. Do you see all the black hearts?

Five of the eight sheep have black hearts and the one heart in the center turned black.

They are all supposed to be red hearts but somehow in their printing process, some of the hearts turned black. That seems kinda ominous, doesn’t it? I might get scared if I think about it too much. I’m sending them back for a refund, but I wish I could burn them .. quickly!

Hey! I could change the name of this design to "Baa Baa Black Sheep Hearts" .

I’m generally not superstitious, honest.

Ok, back to work for me. It’s a busy week for me. I love it and I love all of you ladies who read! :)

Happy Day Everyone!


Darlene said...

I had to snicker through your posting, Cathy. Your addiction to wool is no different than my addiction to fabric for quilting. LOL

I'm in constant awe of your talent and would love to learn from you.

Tolentreasures said...

I feel the same about jackets, but sometimes I cannot pass up the colors and textures of them.
Great deals.


West Side of Straight said...

I'm going to be trying to make some penny rugs too, and have bought some wook blazers/jackets and skirts at our thrift store. When you them all cut apart, what temp of water to do wash them in. And if dying, is that when you dye a particular item? Oh, on the lamb hearts, I kind of like the black hearts on the lambs blanket, but red in the circle. That was weird how that printed. thanks, JoLynn

Coloradolady said...

Well, I wanted to ask how you do this process but quickly stopped myself....because I can so see me in the thrift stores buying mens jackets....just what I don't need to be doing, so I will just love looking at your goodies!

Lisa said...

That is so strange! Sorry about your black hearts!! Love the lambs wool though! Glad you had a fun find!!
Hugs, Lisa

Evonne said...

I have an addiction to wool,too! But that is in addition to my addiction to fabric for quilting!!!!
Quickly running out of room! Love your patterns and your blog keeps me inspired! Thanks!

paulette said...

Cath would you PLEASE give a tutorial on how to dye the wool and what kind of dye to use and where to get it??? Inquiring minds want to know!!
Thanks! And isn't that weird about the hearts...yikes!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Okay Cathy, I checked my Love Ewe pattern and all of the hearts are still red! Whew! I'm still needing some wool in a light enough color for the sheep before I can make it.

appleberrycottage said...

Great finds! Even if the blazer gets only a few small sections of wool, the price was good. Remember, she who dies with the most toys (or is that wool?) wins!! :) Could you ever have enough wool? You can always dye it and sell some bundles.

Mrs Raymond said...

Hi, yes PLEASE could you tell us how to dye the wool jackets you buy because I tried looking on youtube but they only show how to dye wool for spinning. Or maybe I'm looking at the wrong thing. Or maybe that's how you do it? Or maybe using kool-aid is the way to go? Thanks in advance.

Buttonchief7 said...

The black hearts seem to give it an edge, make it more unconventional, unexpected. You know the Amish always put one mistake or odd thing in their quilts because only God is perfect.