Sunday, February 28, 2010

It’s a GOOOOD day for some HOCKEY!

At 3pm EST, hubby and I will be glued to the tv set. 
Forget everything else, the Hockey game must be watched!
Here in the Pittsburgh area, we are torn between hoping for the best for the Canadian team but yet wishing for US to take the win.
The Canadian team has our star player, Sidney Crosby playing.  Sidney, although I’ve never met him, is almost like a son to me.  We’ve watched him grow up over the years playing for our Pittsburgh Penguins so naturally, we want to see him do really well for the Canadian Olympic team. 
I’ve been thinking about this a lot and since I want Sidney to be the hero on the Canadian team,  I think the best thing that could happen would be that Sidney scores all the points for their team but our US team will win by one goal.  That way it will be an exciting game to watch.  Sidney will get to be the hero and come back to Pittsburgh refreshed and energized with his amazing playing prowess to continue to do great on our Pens team.  Does that sound ok for you Canadians?  :)  Good! 
No matter who wins, it’s going to be some great hockey watching today!
Here’s my latest project.  Remember that stack of freshly hand-dyed spring colored wool that I talked about last week?  This is what I had in mind for the wool as I dyed it. 
It’s not finished yet.  I’m excited to get it finished just because it’s so refreshing to work with these lovely spring colors.   …and because it’s matching pretty closely with the design picture that’s in my head. 
I don’t think that there was any one thing that inspired this design to come into my head.  It just happened.
I get my inspirations from really odd places sometimes.  …
The chick shapes that I just recently used in the “It’s Spring, Chicks!” pattern and the most recent tablerunner pattern was inspired by a picture that I saw hanging on the wall in the movie called “Yes Man”.  I don’t know what the picture on the wall actually was, but the distant shape of it reminded me of a primitive chicken and VOILA!  there’s my spring chick shape. 
I should go watch that movie again to find the scene that where I saw that picture.  I remember it’s a scene where some guy was standing on a ledge getting ready to jump and Jim Carey’s character was leaning out the window, talking to him.  The framed picture was on the wall right above Jim Carey’s shoulder.  :)
I was over to babysit at my grandson's house the other day and they always have stacks and stacks of books for him from the library.  I so much enjoy reading those kid library books to him just because of all the gorgeous illustrations and pictures the books have.  Just absolutely wonderful art can be found in children’s books.
022610_141056 This picture was taken from my cellphone so the colors don’t really “POP” like the actual colors, but this might give you an idea of what I’m talking about.  Look at the beautiful artwork in this book.  It’s really the cutest book about bees too.  Wouldn’t all those flowers look pretty done in wool?!
Thankfully, he loves having books read to him, so I get to marvel over the pictures while entertaining him!
Speaking of which, I’m absolutely convinced that the reason why my two daughters did so well in school, was because my hubby and I read to them ALLL the time in their preschool years. 
I would take them to the library at least once a week and we’d bring home stacks of books to read throughout the week.
So those of you reading this who have small children … (even babies love to have stories read to them).  Read to them every day and they will have an excellent head start when it comes time to start school.  /lecture.  :)  
Ok, I’m outta here. 
Happy Hockey day everyone  … and you Canucks?  I love ya but USA will win today!  ;)


Diane H said...

Sorry Cath, It's ON!
Go Canada Go!!!

Cara said...

Sorry hun...GO CANADA GO!!
Even Jim Carrey is Canadian lol.
My hometown already has 3 Gold medals (ice dancing, and speed skating) and we want that gold from Doughty too!
Forget Auburn-Alabama, my house is the house divided today USA-Canada, whith DH being from NC.

Jodi said...

Cath, I'm with you!! I love Sidney and I want him to do well, but hoping for a US win!!

kimland said...

It's A GOOD DAY for HOCKEY!!! I am USA but, I don't really care who wins. The two best teams are there!!!

Sheila said...

Go team USA!
It won't be on for another few minutes here so I better finish up on the computer and go sit and work on a stitchery. Hope I don't get to excited and poke myself! LOL
Anyway it will be a good game in deed! Love my Canadian friends and family but still have to go with team USA!!!

Linda said...

Hi Cath.........our Rick Nash from the Columbus Blue Jackets is playing also with his Canada buddies.
Can we just settle with a tie?

Barb said...

Oh, I just love those Spring colors--can't wait to see it when it is finished! I am going to a show, won't see the hockey game.

paulette said...

Now normally I don't care who wins or who loses at hockey but this year if the Canadian win gold they will be making golden history!! They will be the first country to win over 13 gold medals in one Olympics!! This from a country that has never won one gold medal on home soil!! How awesome would this will I be watching the game!! NO way!! I would be a nervous wreck!! But I DO hope that Sidney scores a ton of points!!;o)
Take care!

Lisa said...

OH GO USA GO! Had to. I really was surprised to find our NHL players are playing for USA and not Canada. I guess we won them over! I can't watch. I'll peek and see the end but I get too upset when I watch the whole thing! hehehe
Love the eggs! they look very sweet! hope you won't feel too abandoned!
Hugs, Lisa

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Go USA...will be watching too:)

Love the colors in your new springy:)


Kaaren said...

Sorry, Cathy but we won. But you'll be happy because Sidney scored in OT. Woo hoo!

Love the "emerging" penny rug. The colors are awesome.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Your hand dyed pastels are looking lovely on your new creation Cathy!

Linda said...

YOO HOO CANADA WON. Sorry Cathy...
Love your spring colours.

paulette said...

I was thinking of you as Sidney scored the winning goal and made Olympic history for Canada!! Isn't he a sweetie!! Take care!

Diane H said...

Thanks for a great game USA! And thankyou world for coming to the Olympics. It's going to be quiet in Canada this week when everybody goes home.

Tolentreasures said...

Love those spring colors and I know what you mean about the kids books, such great illustrations. Can't wait to see the finished project.