Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kudos to the US Postal Service

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds"


Now I do have to admit, from time to time, I am critical of our USPS.  This time, however, I will grant some praise.


I went out this afternoon to attempt the clearing of the walkway from the driveway to our front door.  There’s a good solid 8 inches of new snow to shovel.  As I get closer to the front door, I looked up and see something that REALLY surprised me ….


Is that a box sitting on my front porch??   Let’s zoom in to see for sure …..


Oh my gosh!  It is a box on my front porch!  That means our mail lady drove her vehicle up our looooong driveway, risking  “enstuckment” (I know that’s not a word but it should be!) in the unplowed, 8” deep new snow on our driveway to deliver it to our door. 

I do have a greater respect for our mail carrier now.  With all this snow, the mail carriers all have a much more difficulty getting the mail delivered to residents.  My hubby always clears the area around our mailbox down by the road so that she can pull her vehicle right up to the box.  She leaves us notes in the box, thanking us for being so considerate. I know how tough her job is because I pass multiple houses that don’t bother clearing the snow away from their mail boxes along the road.

So anyway, our mailcarrier scored some points today with me because I got my package in the mail and she not only drove it up the treacherous driveway, but she walked through the deep snow from the driveway to the front door.

The only thing …. I noticed this in two different places along the walkway …

Yellow Snow

Can you see the “yellow snow”? 

Now, I’m not accusing the mail carrier of this …

but it seems oddly suspicious that she was up here with a delivery and there are two spots of yellow snow right along her path ….

I guess it could have been hubby when he left for work ….

That would be rather unlikely though …. the bathroom inside would be easier to use, I’d think.



Ok, I think I’m just going to convince myself that it was an animal. 

Everyone is probalby so sick of looking at snow pictures, I know.  But too darn bad!  This is record breaking stuff so we should be allowed to show it without complaint from you silly viewers.

100_3422 These pictures were taken from our deck which is off of our 2nd floor bedroom.

100_3423 100_3426 This is the view out of our 2nd floor bedroom window.  I love these two majestic pine trees in our front yard.

It sure is pretty, isn’t it?  It comes to the point that it’s senseless to complain about it.  I will just admire the beauty while thinking spring.

It’s still snowing now and there’s an additional 2 inches on the sidewalk after I shoveled.


In business news, I’ve finally worked on my blog where I intend to sell my patterns.  Go take a look HERE .  Add that site to your followers list, if you wish.  It will be updated with every new pattern that is introduced as well as any finished items that are for sale. 

Oh … and if you have any interest at all in the upcoming Olympics in Vancouver, go visit Loretta @ House of Houben .

Loretta lives right in Vancouver and has some really interesting posts about the inside workings of what is going on in the area. 

I’m so excited for the winter Olympics to start!

Happy Day everyone!


SueWis said...

Gorgeous pictures!

The yellow snow commentary was hilarious!

basketsnprims said...

I agree about the mail carriers ~ I'm married to one. I'll have to ask him if he's ever left yellow snow, hehe.

Charlene said...

Those two magestic trees out you second floor window are indeed breathtaking!!! Thank you for sharing these with us. I found you through Margaret. Loved your pansy wool work she showed. Pansies are my favorite flowers of all. Stay warm. Charlene

Darlene said...

Please, please continue to share pics of the snow - I never get to enjoy it and find myself missing it.

Linda said...

I love your snow pix. I've been trolling my blogs for snow pix for two weeks! I agree with Charlene, your two evergreen trees are truly majestic. Your Shoppe looks nice!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...!!

Lisa said...

First Stay WARM! Second well done mail lady! Third I really like enstuckment if you need a signer for a petition to get it made a word I'm there for you! Fourth LOVE the pics. I hope you have plenty to do while you are snowed in. Hope you don't loose power!
Hugs, Lisa

Sheila said...

I'm still laughing over the yellow snow! You sure got plenty of it.
Your mail "lady" restored my faith in the USPS too! She deserves a little somethin' extra this year. Enjoyed the pictures.
Stay warm and safe!

Simone de Klerk said...

Great pictures. The snow continues here too. Love your new blog and can't wait for the “Wooly Spring Chicks!” to be published. You can put me on the list (O:

Anonymous said...

There's that Western PA language again. Enstuckment...perfect!!

We all know Kaiden is the one who left the yellow looks like the right size.

It definitely a winter wonderland. Everthing is so beautiful her in the other side of the county.

Take care, stay warm, and don't go stir crazy.
Casserole Carol

Tanya said...

YAY! for the mail lady! good work!
It is always such fun getting a box in the mail!

I enjoy your blog and all your creations. I love working w/wool and woolfelt too.

Tanya~ new blogger

Sue said...

I don't get EVER get sick of looking at snow pics on blogs....It doesn't snow here in Perth. The view from your 2nd storey window is amazing.