Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Questions, I get QUESTIONS!

I really enjoy getting emails from readers.  Most are  chatty emails, letting me know how they are progressing on the different candle mats of mine that they are making.  Quite a few emails ask questions or ask for advice. 

I have to say … if you’ve asked me something and didn’t get a response from me, please don’t take offense.  Sometimes, I just forget to answer.  I get busy with other things and then forget to go back to answer and by then, I’ve lost the email.  Just ask me again. 

Like just this morning, I remember that SOMEONE asked me about how the wool comes in the kits … if the pattern pieces are cut out or if it’s just the wool fabric.  I forgot to answer and I haven’t a clue where to find that email.

But the answer to that is that the kits come with the fabric and you get to cut out the pattern pieces yourself. 

People ask me about dyeing wools all the time.  I use Cushings Perfection Acid wool dyes.  They can be purchased at the Cushings website

I won’t give a tutorial on doing this simply because I’m far from being an expert on dyeing wools.  I mix dye colors to get the colors that I want but I don’t have recipes.  I do it kinda like how I make meatloaf … a little of this and a little of that.  It never turns out exactly the same but it’s still good.   You can get far better instructions for dyeing wool from Google, I’m sure. 

I did give a tutorial about “marrying wool” which is quite fun to do because it can give you unexpected results.

I get quite a few  A LOT of questions asking me where to purchase the exact tweed or plaid wools that I use.  Something like the tweed wool in this scarecrow hat ….

scarcrow hat

Any wool that has a small tweed or patterned design will work. Make it work!  Or you can use a solid colored wool and embellish it with embroidery to make it look “tweedy”


I only work with 100% wools but my patterns can all be done with woolfelts too.  I got a question recently from someone asking me where to get  plaid wool felt to use for this snowman scarf.  Woolfelt only comes in plain colors, but use your imagination!  Use some embroidery threads to make a plaid design on that woolfelt. 

I get a lot of questions asking the difference between wool felt and felted wool .  Even though they sound like they would be the same, they are very different, but that explanation would be better in a separate posting because it needs more space and time than I have right now.

The emails that I enjoy most are the chatty ones.  I really appreciate all the kind words and it’s really helped me to gain more confidence in sharing with all of you, what I love to do.  In a perfect world, I could stitch all day long, continuously …that’s how much I love it.  But I tend to still pinch myself in wonderment that you all would want to purchase anything that I make!  So it’s those emails of encouragement that are sooooo greatly appreciated.

My readers often share their own pictures with me.  I love seeing their projects especially those that are exceptionally creative.

Marla, (gosh, I hope it’s ok to use her name) sent me pictures of a handbag that she made. …

Marla's bagI love this bag. 

Marla's bag2  The sheep is from a pattern.  Love the little heart buttons for the eyes too.


Anyway .. I really enjoy all the emails I get.   You ladies are all wonderful!

And speaking of wonderful.  My sister, Casserole Carol, is really getting upset with me because I haven’t been giving her much attention in my blog recently.   

I was scolded for not giving her credit for helping me to collect wool.  She runs the local Girl Scout store, you see.  The Girl Scout store has a 2nd hand shop attached to it so she has access to all the items that are donated.  They only sell top quality women’s /girls clothing so anything that is wool that can’t be sold, goes to me, if I want it, instead of in the trash bin.

BTW,  It is Girl Scout cookie season, so support your local girl scouts with some cookie purchases.  Those Somoas are soooo good!


Happy Day everyone!


Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

I think you are fantastic at what you love...I'd love to email you but for some reason when I click on someones email button it comes up that I don't have something on my computer to bring up there (yours) email. Maybe I'll ask on my blog and someone will know.

Thanks for the tips:)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the commercial. My favoriate cookie are the lemon cremes, and trefoils are great with my lunch time yougart!

It started to snow here (again) wonder how many inches we will get this time. Even with the recent rain, we still have about 2 ft of snow in the yard.

stay warm and safe.
Casserole Carol

theolde stone house said...

Hi Cath
I continue to learn every time you post. Thanks for the great info.
I absolutely love those luscious pastel wools. They are not colors I work in but the look so good together.


Brenda said...

Just a note to let you know that all my kits include 100@ felted wool tweed prints where your patterns call for a tweed. I only use wool felt for the solid color parts. I know some folks think that just because it's a felt kit they wont have the same look so I wanted you to know that I use tweed wool for the tweed parts. I love the tiny little checks. =)
BTW> I too love the sheep...she's so darn cute!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Yes Cathy - you rock for answering questions!! Thanks again!