Saturday, February 20, 2010

Smelly (in a good way) Wool!

Ok, I’m going to give away a tip of something that I’ve done for a long time. Remember to use this info for good and not evil. :)
I get asked quite often by customers who receive my finished things, why my wool smells so nice.
Ya know all those perfume samples that can be found in magazines and your department store bill mailings? Don’t throw them away. Save them!
Use them for your stored wools and other fabrics.
I have my wool stored in large plastic bins, in a wooden cupboard and in a large dresser. Each drawer of the dresser, each plastic bin and the cupboard get one opened perfume sample.
It gives your stored fabrics a nice scent without being overpowering and it’s always nice to work with nice smelling wools. It might even help to ward off the moths. I don’t know that for sure so don’t extend an invitation to your local moths to visit, just in case I’m wrong.
Now, just a warning. Use just ONE sample for an area. If you mix sample scents in one drawer or plastic bin, your things start smelling like an old ladies church meeting. It’s bad, I promise you.
One sample lasts for a LONG time in a closed container.
Things are starting to melt on the Wagner family roof. This is quite a good thing because all that heavy snow is coming off the roof and I don’t worry so much that it will all fall in on us. The bad thing about the melting is that it’s quite dangerous to be close to the house because of the dagger-like icicles that are falling off the gutters.
One big icicle fell off yesterday and broke out our basement window. It’s not a big deal because the basement window needed replaced anyway.
One little curious birdie from outside decided to investigate what was beyond the broken window. The birdie flew into our basement and I’m not really sure how long it flew about our house, unnoticed, but in time, our dear old cat, heard the fluttering.
At that point, our dear old cat, felt the need to dash about the house following the bird. And it was about at that point that I heard a HUGE commotion upstairs in the hallway, just outside of the bedroom where I was just getting the grandson down for his nap.
Imagine my shock to see the cat, dramatically huffing and puffing with excitement over the prospect of actually catching something alive. She’s an inside cat, you see. … Actually scared silly to even step outside. While the bird flew up and down the ceiling hallway, she flew up and down the floor of the hallway, chasing it.
What she expected to do with it once she caught it would have been interesting to see, but I did feel the need to save the poor birdie.
I grabbed the old wire rug beater that I had hanging on the wall for decoration and carefully swatted at the bird to guide it into the bathroom so that I could contain it in an area WITHOUT the cat.
Once I was in the closed bathroom with the panicked bird, I kinda panicked then too. What do I do????
Ok, it ended by simply by opening the window!
The bird is safely outside and the cat? Well, she stayed upstairs in the hallway for a LOOOONG time, nervously looking up, waiting for the bird to appear again. Poor thing, she was quite traumatized.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Happy Day!
Edited to say: Yes, I'm embarrassed to admit it but I was screaming like a little girl during the entire bird craziness!


Pat said...

OOOO...I"m scared of birds flying near me, so I'd have been screaming if that happened in my house!

Laurie said...

WOW - you are brave - I scream my head off when our pet bird (which is just a little canary) escapes his cage. My kids think it is hilarious - but I'm scared out of my pants!

Great idea about the smelly cards - I'm going to try that one :)

Anonymous said...

Fantastic tip on the perfumed cards...I'll pick up extras as the perfume counter.
I'm thankful you didn't let kitty have his way with birdie. How comical. I'm quite an animal lover and hate having to see anything die.

janice said...

So funny! I've been there,too trying to chase a bird out of the house. Thanks for the giggles.

Linda said...

Great tip and hugely funny story! We've had a hummingbird in the house and a flying squirrel. I was screaming both times!

Sandy said...

Very funny birdie story....glad it is still alive and free! We have 2 outdoor cats and they bring birds and other critters to our porch to show us what good hunters they are. I hate that!
p.s. I would have been screaming also!

Lisa said...

Really good idea!! You are one smart cookie!!
Hugs, Lisa

Linda said...

Great advice.....or a cotton ball sprayed with your favorite scent, or essential oil...maybe lavendar?

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you so much for the tip and glad the bird is well!

Marie said...

We get birds in our house from time to time and I am a screaming baby too. I am always very distressed and worried about getting them out and I don't want them to get hurt, but they also spook me and I just can't help squealing and making lots of noise. I know . . . it's irrational and I am a real lover of bird watching too. Great tip on the way to make your stuff smell nice, and I just adore that white on white table runner I can see peeking underneath. It's quite, quite beautiful!!! xxoo

Jessica said...

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