Friday, February 5, 2010

Yikes! Jury Duty

Oh yes, that’s right.  The notice came in the mail yesterday.  March 8th is the day that I report.  I’ve mixed feelings about this. 
It has nothing to do with the whopping huge $8 a day that they will pay me. 
I’ve served Jury duty before … long ago.   Admittedly, it was done differently back then.  All the potential jurors had to sit in a large, cold waiting room, all day for 5 days, just waiting to be called in as a group to be selected for a jury.  It was so horribly boring.  There was one tv set in the room, which many of the ladies females fought over because they didn’t want to miss their soap operas.  During that week of mindlessly sitting and waiting, I came close to being selected to be on a jury only twice.  Both times, I was quickly dismissed by the defense attorney because my father was a state cop.    I read a lot of books that week.
I was selected another time for jury duty, but I was excused because I was pregnant with my sweet Rachel.   Barf bags aren’t permitted in the courtrooms, I guess , and since I needed one every day, all day, the judge decided that it was best that I stay home with it instead.
So that brings us to March 8th.  I will just have to sit at the courthouse for one day.  If I’m not selected as a juror that day, I’ll be done.  Naturally, if I am selected, I’ll have to stay as long as the trial lasts. 
I have a form to fill out which basically wants to know if I can be impartial and fair.  It also asks if I’m related to someone who is a police officer or in law enforcement.  My dad was a statey,  and my son-in-law previously worked in security and has a master’s in criminal justice, so I’ll have to check the “yes” box.  I’m going to assume that I will be rejected because of that.
So here’s my mixed feelings.  I don’t really want to spend the day at the courthouse waiting to see if attorneys will pick me to be on their jury, but if I am selected to be on a jury, I think it would be interesting and I wouldn’t mind.
But if I get there and they insist that I can’t be impartial simply because I’m related to someone in law enforcement?  That’s going to make me angry.
But, I have no say in any of this.  I’ll do as I’m told.  I’ll report, I’ll sit, I’ll be rejected, I’ll go home with my $8. 

So, I’m just about done with my candle mat.  :)  I’m sooooo pleased with how it looks now.  Earlier I had shown it and said that i was having trouble figuring out what to do with the leaves.
I just couldn’t make it look how I wanted it to look.  After it sat on my table for two days …with me looking at it every stinkin time I walked passed it … It finally hit me what was wrong.  The green color that I had dyed the original leaves was just a shade off.  The green was just a smidgen too bright. 
I went back to the dye pot and created a more subtle olive dirty green and that solved it!
I just need to sew the cream colored background on, stitch the backing on that and I’ll be finished.
Soo sooo happy with this one. 
Noooo, it’s not going to be a pattern!  I cut all the flower petals and leaves free hand so it was a spontaneous creation. If you look close enough, you’ll see that the petals aren’t the same sizes and shapes …  neither are the leaves.
BIIIIIIIIIIG snow storm is coming this way today.  The latest weather report I heard was 8-12 inches of the white stuff? 
I’ll be over babysitting when it all starts so I’m hoping that I’ll be able to get home.
And speaking of the grandson … at 3 years old, I find myself having adult conversations with the kid. 
First of all, he never shuts up!  He’s always jabbering about something and has this way of making sure that I’m listening to everything he says too.  Yesterday, he came over to me and pointing to some of my penny rugs that I have hanging on the wall he asked, “How you make those, gamma?”  I reminded him that he watches me make those and I do it with a needle and some thread and wool.  He shook his head back and forth and very seriously said “well, they are just beautiful”.  
haha … the kid knows how to butter up the grandma real good to get a special snack, now doesn’t he?
I love my family. :)  
Rachel called last night and made me laugh .. a lot.  It had to do with … if she ever accidently enlists in the army she’ll just cut off her trigger finger so that they will reject her enlistment.  Oh dear, that doesn’t sound funny, does it?  But coming from Rachel, in her goofy way, yes, it was really funny. 
Have a gloriously happy day everyone.  :)


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Hi Cath,
Just wanted to let you know I gave you a little publicity over at by blog!

lesthook said...

I had jury duty cin January. I spent about 4 hours in a very over crowded courtroom. They had a regular day of business then at 9:15 had about a hundred of us come in! We were released and told to call a certain number after 5. I had to call each day to see if I was needed the next day. I wasn't. Never got to any questions. The next week I got a check in the mail for 12 dollars. I have done my duty for the next 2 years,LOL!

SueWis said...

I had jury duty last winter. Sat and sat and sat in big room with lots of people. Read some. Did get selected but then dismissed because of how I answered a question. I am the shy and quiet type but spoke up then!

Simone de Klerk said...

In the Netherlands we have no jury's. Due to all kinds of American series, I do know what it is. Never heard of it in 'real life'. Sounds interesting.
Your new mat is gorgeous!

Cara said...

They also reject most professional, anyone with an advanced degree. Don't take it personally. The more you know the more you think. Which apparently isn't a good thing...
You could always design/sew a new mat while you wait.

Darlene said...

Ah, jury duty - 'nuf said. LOL

What a sweet conversation with Kaiden. I have had similar conversations with my 5 year old grandson Eli. And, yes they are definitely adult conversations. Too funny!

appleberrycottage said...

I've never served on a jury, only been called to sit there and wait. But that was when we lived in another county, and didn't get to choose where we wanted to go. At least I didn't have criminal court downtown Chicago in a really bad neighborhood. Now it would be out in the country (ok, the far suburbs) and the courthouse is by cornfields. Since I'm the main caretaker of kids, I'm excused, for a few more years. Just bring something to do all day: books, magazines, or quick crafts that can be packed up in a flash. It might start a conversation with someone about what you're sewing!

Lisa said...

Sounds funny to me! Sorry about Jury duty. Hope you don't get it but if you do I hope it is an interesting case!
Hugs, Lisa

Hall family said...

Oh man, you made me relive my jury duty nightmare! Last year around this time I was told to serve but got out of it because of homeshcooling. I was then sent a notice every other month! I had my turn to sit in that little room, next to a poor manic-depressed woman, while I waited...and waited. I was excused, but was notified AGAIN just about a month later!Crazy! After writing a letter questioning their small pool of people to pick from, I was excused. Again.

Shakerwood said...

Don't feel bad. I've been called for jury duty 13 times in the last 20 years. Everything from municipal court to federal. I've had to serve on 4 juries. I only got out of it once but really I liked serving. Felt is was an American duty. You get to meet some nice people and see how our judicial system works up front and personal.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Such fun times with your grandson Cathy! I hope I can have the same someday. Stay warm.

Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

Hope your staying warm and finding lots of time for stitching. Love the look of the new penny rug!

Tolentreasures said...

I, too have had to sit and wait all day as you have and had to drive over 20 miles each way to do it and then not be picked because I know many of the attorneys in the county. Amazing the people that they do pick though. I got out of it for years as a single mother that HAD to work, financial hardship issue. Read, knit, sew, if only they had comfortable chairs!