Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuck In the Snow Mail Carriers and Ice Jams

Business first …

I was able to get all the pattern orders for the “It’s Spring, Chicks!” pattern mailed out today. Thank you ladies, I really appreciate the great response.

100_3446 If you wish to order this, just go to my pattern shoppe

at Cath’s Pennies Shoppe to find the Paypal link for purchase.

It’s a special preorder price of $8.00 (including shipping) until tomorrow night at which time, the price will be the regular pattern price of $9.50.


Today, I had to get to the post office. Hubby has a 4wheel drive pickup. I don’t. So if the drive hasn’t been cleared, I can’t go anywhere until it is. Of course, I’m able to get DOWN the driveway fairly easily. It’s the coming back UP the driveway to get home which keeps me home because inevitably I will get stuck.

So this morning, in spite of all the new snow we got yesterday, I decided to venture out to inspect the driveway just to see if I might be able to travel, stuck free.

100_3456 So I shoveled the walk first. Gosh, there’s a lot of snow and there’s no where to put it anymore.

100_3455 I looked up ….

Gosh, there’s a lot of icicles hanging off the gutter!

100_3457 Gosh, there’s a lot of snow AND icicles on the porch roof!

I’m going to have to do something about that today …

but first … let’s go check out the driveway to see if I can get out today ….

100_3459 This is kinda hard to see, but it’s pretty heavy snow here, but the good thing is that it’s flat here, so I don’t think I’ll have trouble getting through this ….

100_3460 This part doesn’t look too bad. As long as I stay on the tracks, I’ll get through this part just fine.

100_3461 Here’s the straight away .. the easiest part of the driveway. It’s completely straight and level until the hill to go down …

except … it seems that our mail carrier had a little dispute in the snow on this part of the driveway yesterday.

Now, I wasn’t home when this happened but there were two packages on my front porch when I got home. One from USPS and one from UPS. When I saw this mess off to the side of our driveway, I was convinced that our USPS driver and our UPS driver got into a scuffle. I don’t know who won, but someone sure left a mess in our snow covered grass.

Let’s take a closer look …

100_3468 Yeap, someone got stuck … bad! There’s a pretty good slope to this edge too so they’re lucky they didn’t flip their vehicle.

I miss all the exciting stuff when I’m not home!

So anyway, let’s look at the hill going down to the road to see how bad it might be …

100_3464 Ok, the hill going down to the road is pretty bad. I think I might be able to shovel patches of it though so that when I come back up, the tires will hit the bare spots to get some traction. … let’s shovel a bit to see how hard this stuff is packed down …

100_3465 I dunno… it’s not really deep, but it’s packed hard. I could try shoveling this out, and there was a time in my earlier years that I did it many many times, but heck, I’m not quite as old as dirt, but I’m old enough to know that I might not ever be back to blog again if I try shoveling this out ….

I’m just going to have to wait until hubby gets home tonight so that I can take his monster 4 wheel drive truck down to the post office.

Let’s walk back now, it’s getting really cold. And … darn, it’s starting to snow again.

100_3467 It sure is pretty, isn’t it?


There’s our house from the driveway where our USPS driver and our UPS driver had a rumble yesterday.

100_3471 I’m really getting concerned about the heavy snow up on the roof. I’m going to open the bedroom windows and knock down some of the icicles.

Do you see Skitz, our cat, upstairs looking out the window??

Sure, you might say, “oh how cute!”

No, just no, it’s not cute. That cat stalks me. Yes, she does. She has to know exactly where I am at all times otherwise, she won’t shut up. I’m sure right up until she saw me outside, she was just meowing up an annoying storm.

Stop laughing. SHE STALKS ME.

Ok, so now I need to take a look at the other side of the house. We have water leakage around the living room windows and I want to see if I can clear out the ice blockage myself, without the aid of hubby.

100_3474 Nope, I’m certainly not going to be able to go around this house from this side. Waaaaay too much snow.

Let’s try the other side …


Ummm… no.

This is not going to work. There’s at least 3 feet of snow there. How is it even possible to walk through snow that high?

I’m just going to have to track through the house to go out the back door.

And this is where the pictures stop. I did go out the back door, many many more times today because the ice buildup was so bad, the water was seeping in through the house siding and leaking down our windows. I chipped away the ice but it didn’t fix the problem. Hubby took care of it when he got home.

I did manage to knock down all the icicles and I took a shovel to the heavy snow that was on the front porch roof. We don’t have any above freezing days in the forecast, so it’s going to be a while before that snow melts off the roof. Just hope that it doesn’t cave in before it melts!

So, one last picture before I close …

This solves the mystery of what happened in the snow yesterday….

100_3482 Hubby brought this in with the mail today when he came home from work.

Our mail carrier quite often leaves me notes on my mail .. most of the time she’s yelling at me because some people still write our old address number. Our old one was 86 and now it’s 107. She hates, HATES it when it’s written wrong and makes sure to tell me about it in her notes.

Anyway, apparently, she was the one that got stuck in our snow yesterday. The note, in case you can’t see it says “Yes, I was stuck in your drive. Sorry, grass. Solid ICE. Cannot come back till thawed.”

I guess I’m going to have to drive down to the post office for my packages now!…

It was nice while it lasted.

Happy day everyone! I’m going to relax tonight


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Isn't it something Cathy when snow becomes the story of our lives? Stay warm and dry!

SueWis said...

I don't think I told you yet that I love the chick mat pattern! I especially love the eggshells.

Wow, imagine if you'd come home to a postal vehicle stuck or flipped over. Actually you're lucky you were not home!

Lisa said...

You know they are supposed to come no matter what! Sorry you are snowed in! LOVE your chickies!! Hope you can get your mail! That really stinks!
Hugs, Lisa