Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pete, The Pesky Fish

I'm sure everyone has seen plenty of pictures with SNOW. Here in Western Pa, we certainly got our share.

Almost 2 feet of it!

We have a really looooong driveway, and this snowblower deserves a medal for clearing it all out for us. Hubby spent the better part of yesterday with his snowblower. He managed to clear enough so that we could get out if we absolutely had to. As of right now, after 3 more hours out there, hubby finished and we can now drive down our driveway to get out.

Pete, the fish is no longer with us. He passed away early this morning. Poor Rachel is upset. It was weather related.

Pete, the pesky beta fish, lived with Rachel in her apartment at college. Rachel lost power during the snowstorm and as of this morning, she is still without power.
She camped out in the cold last night with lots of blankets. Since she has a gas hot water tank, she could keep Pete warm with warm water. However, early this morning, the landlord came in and shut off their water and filled the pipes with antifreeze. No way to keep Pete warm. Rachel said her apartment was 38 degrees inside.
Pete froze. What a way to go. Poor little guy. It was a love/hate relationship between the two of them ... But she has enough heart to not want a living thing to suffer.

So Rachel is without a place to live right now and she's upset about her fish. Most students go home for the weekends there at Cal but they'll be coming back today so she'll temp move in with a friend, once they come back to school today.
For now, she's safe and warming up at her boyfriend's apartment. His power came back on this morning.

Poor Rachel. I wish she weren't so far away. She was laughing and making fun of me for worrying about her last night. "I'll be fine, mom. I have lots of blankets, mom" This morning, after waking up cold, she wasn't laughing.

In the meantime, to keep myself from worrying about her, I've been busy with a brand new spring design. Snippets of wool were flying everywhere yesterday while I was working on it. I'll be ready to show it tomorrow or the next day.

Happy day everyone .. stay warm!


Darlene said...

Oh no poor Pete - may he rest in peace. :-) I hope your daughter can go back to a warm place soon.

Can't wait to see your new Spring design - it's my favorite season.

Quilt Hollow said...

Oh poor Pete the fish! I think no matter we always worry and someday when she has a child of her own..she will understand. :0) Oh goody...Spring design....can't wait!

theolde stone house said...

hi Cath
Thanks for the color suggestions.

We dug out yesterday too. IMy car was stuck at Passavant Hospital though. Carl came and picked me up Friday at midnight.

Spring design.........can't wait.


Brenda said...

OK, so don't hate me but I am glad you got that load of snow and not me...I don't think my soul could take it. LOL!
I need some heat; anything over 50 would be heaven...OK, so maybe anything over 40 would do but I do like to aim high so I'm asking for 50. I don't know how much longer I can hold on; Is it Spring yet?!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

We never stop worrying about our children, do we Cathy? Glad Rachel is okay and that you found something to distract yourself. Spring - yes!!

Lisa said...

Sorry about Pete! That is sad. Glad you DD is not frozen too! Hope she warms up soon!
Hugs, Lisa

Marie said...

How sad to hear bout Pete. :-( But on a bright note your patterns arrived at Oak Cottage this morning and I can't wait to get stuck in to my very first penny rug! xxoo

Loretta said...

Oh my goodness. How awful. I'm so sorry you people have so much horrible snow. I can sympathize, because it happened to us last year, only fortunately our power stayed on. But we couldn't get our car out of our garage for 2 whole weeks. No one ever plowed the side streets! This winter is just as wierd due to balmy temps. But that's Vancouver! Hopefully there will be snow; there will be for the skiing, as that's on Whistler Mtn; another venue. I myself prefer ice skating, but alas. I couldn't afford tickets, and even if I could, I wasn't guaranteed of getting any as your name was put in a draw! That's because there's limited seating. But I did see the Torch yesterday. I hope you all stay warm.