Thursday, March 4, 2010


See, I really believe that if we say the word SPRING often enough, it will come!

Ok, here’s my latest pride and joy for spring …..

Spring Gardens

I just finished this up yesterday It’s called “Spring Gardens” . It’ measures 10” x 22”. I’ll be making this into a pattern soon so keep watch.

I used 8 different spring pastel colors for this one. It entirely done with the blanket stitch … no other embroidery stitching is used.

I’m so thrilled with how it turned out. I think mostly because I’m not used to working with pastel colors so it was really refreshing to try something different with colors.

I’m trying to ignore all you ladies who’ve requested a tutorial about dyeing wool. :)

There are so many different ways to do it but ok, next time I dye up some wools, I’ll take some pictures and show you how “I” do it. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right way to do it, but it’s the way that works for me. Maybe I can learn from some of the experts who read and I can improve on my own techniques.

It’s for sure one of those things that “the work will teach you how to do it” because it takes practice and experimenting to get the colors that you want.

So my dear daughter, Rachel, informs me that instead of coming home on Saturday and staying here with us during her Spring Break, she’s decided to go with some of her volleyball friends down to Daytona Beach, Florida for the week.

Now, I just don’t understand how she could want to go lay around on a warm beach all day with a buncha girls when she could be here at home with me. We do special things when she’s home . Watching fun tv shows like “Project Runway” and “Bridezillas” has got to be more fun than laying on a beach. Sheesh. These young’uns nowadays. They just won’t listen to wisdom. She will learn her lesson though, I’m sure. After she comes back from break, I’m positive she’ll be apologizing for choosing the beach over ME and her daddy.

Darn. We haven’t seen her much since Christmas because of the bad weather and her volleyball obligations. I want her to have some fun so I’ll deal with her absence, but darnit, I miss her and was so looking forward to her coming home for a week.

This weekend is my friend Kipp’s, quilt show in Hughesville, Pa. Kipp will be a vendor there on March 5, 6 and 7th and will have my patterns kitted up and ready to sell. She dyes her own wools, so I’m sure the kits will be wonderful. Here’s the website . If you go, look for her vendor booth “All Sewn Up”. She sells wools, patterns, punchneedle and felting supplies.

Also, for those of you who like my “It’s Spring, Chicks!” pattern, the bubbly and energizingly vivacious Brenda at Pumpkin Patch Primitives , will soon be offering the pattern as a kit. Keep a watch at her site for the new listing. Take a visit to her site anyway,just because it’s a great place to shop and she’s a super special person too.

That’s all for now!

Happy Day everyone!


Simone de Klerk said...

Congratulations on this gorgeous pattern!

Danielle said...

How pretty! Don't you just love working with those colors this time of year? They look so yummy, like you could pick up those pennies and pop them in your mouth! Great work! Again, you are an inspiration:)

Terry said...

Oh I love the bright spring colors on this one! Well done! :0)

Kathy said...

Very pretty! Love the spring colors. I am so ready for spring. I'll check out the link you posted. A little change to it and it will take you to
otherwise it can't find the page on your blog.

Darlene said...

Sweet design. Wonderful pattern.

Sandi said...

Absolutely very, very springy!!! Very nice!

Cat Haven Crafts said...


theolde stone house said...

I love your work. They are beautiful colors. Not my colors but definetly beautiful. I give you credit I find it hard to work outside my favorite color zone.

Thanks for the color suggestions. I can't wait to try some dyeing.
Looking forward to your tutorial.


Brenda said...

It's so cute! If that doesn't make you wanna go out and buy a bag of good ol' fashion plastic eggs and fill them with Sweet Tarts, nothing will, LOL!, Easter Egg Hunts in P.R. do NOT include chocolate, trust me, that would be a VERY bad thing, LOL!
Tell your daughter I think she is very selfish...yep, there I said it. Now why didn't she invite you? Oh, wait! You're OLD, HAHAHA! Oh, to be a Spring Chickie again...ahhhh. How fun. NAh! Life is WAY too complicated when you're young, forget that. I think you'll have plenty of time with her later so live vicariously and send her off to the sunshine state. Woo-HOO!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I know just what you are saying Cathy about your daughter. My only daughter left for an out of state college eleven years ago and is only now coming back to MN! I can't wait. I hope you have time soon to spend with Rachel.
Your pastels in your new SPRING creation are amazing!

Kaaren said...

Wonderful new design, Cathy.

Aaaahhh, Spring!

Evonne said...

Cathy, I love your new spring mat! I am NOT a pastel person, but the way you did that on a black background makes it perfect!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Love this one a lot - I think we're all ready for spring so just seeing your beautiful pastels makes the heart glad. blessings, marlene

eeekj35 said...

I love it!!!

Tolentreasures said...

Love it. love the colors!!
Want some advice? FOLLOW her to Daytona Beach. I love it there, we used to go every year before life got in the way!