Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping for a New Car

I thought that perhaps I better blog today because I’m getting the “where are you” emails from those addicted ones who have made me a part of their daily routine. :)  Such nags! 

Ok, before I forget … All the preordered “Springtime Garden” patterns went out in the mail yesterday.  They are on their way to your home!  Thank you for such a terrific response.  I’ll leave the special offer of $8.00 for the pattern, open for a few more days.  Just click on the Paypal link to purchase.

The springtime colors wool bundles that are used for that pattern are sold out now.  Thank you to those of you who ordered the wool. 

Ok, so I’ve been considering the purchase of a new car.  I’ve a 2000 Ford Taurus that has over 125,000 miles on it and although it’s been a great, dependable car, it’s beginning to look like a 10 year old car with some rust and a few dents .. one from a hit and run and the other from a sweet little old lady who backed oh soooo slowly into my car, going about one mile an hour.

Basically, I love my car.  It really is like a family member because it’s been with us for so long.  If I do purchase something, it’s going to become a new family member that will be around for a long time, so I know that I have to be really careful with my decision.

I might have narrowed it down to either a Honda Accord, like this one ….


Or a Ford Fusion, like this one …..


I dread the entire wheeling/dealing process with car buying.  My hubby bought a new truck last year and pretty much got the price that he asked for simply because that was during the time that no one else in the country was buying a car, so car salespeople were salivating over a live, warm, interested body and would do anything to get a sale.  That was really the perfect time to buy a car. 

All of you readers out there … if you have any suggestions at all about how to go about wheeling and dealing with car salespeople just let me know. 

I do know that I’m not taking hubby with me for the wheeling and dealing because he hates it so much.   He usually ends up telling the poor guy off and then walking out.  Not a good way to wheel and deal but I do remember a time that he did that and the salesman AND sales manager chased after us on foot as we were driving out of their lot,  begging us to come back in  ..that they’ll give us our price.   Hubby was soooo angry that he refused to deal with them.   Oh that was a fun time…. Ironically, Rachel (dated, I think) is good friends with that sales manager’s sons but my husband will still never ever speak to that manager again.

So today, I’m going to drag myself over to the Ford dealer to do a test drive. 

Gah … I really dread this.  If anyone LIKES dealing with car salespeople, please offer to do this for me? 

It’s probably the main reason why I keep my cars around for so long after I do purchase.


I’m still working on getting another pattern ready to sell .. it’s the tablerunner with the hatching chicks one that will be released next.  I took on a bit too much with orders for finished items though, so my fingers are busily stitching away working on orders.  Once I get caught up with finished things in the mail, I can go back to focusing on new things. 

EDIT:  I’m not complaining about orders for finished items at all!

Sometimes, I get sooooo tired of seeing a certain design, I just can’t bring myself to make any more of them so I will turn down orders just because of it.

I have to be able to enjoy doing it, otherwise my work will suffer along with me because I’m doing something that I don’t want to do. 

So if you do happen to see one of my designs anywhere and wish to order it finished, just let me know.  As long as you don’t mind being on a waiting list, I can get it done for you. 

Most of the time, it’s a pleasure to be able to stitch without concerns about creating a pattern from it simply because the design was already done!

Following a pattern is always easier than creating one from a scratched out drawing on a piece of notebook paper!  :)


Ok, I’m off to test drive cars today!  Wish me luck!

Happy Day Everyone!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Hi Cath! Good luck! I love the fire engine red Ford! My Camry is 12 years old and has over 150,000 miles on it and I have to take the "new car" plunge soon, too!

Tanya said...

First off ~ I LOVE your patterns and am going to buy the new one in a min. You're an amazing designer!

I have heard great things about the new Fords. We still have a Ford Taurus from 1995 and we gave it to my oldest son who still loves to drive it. It has close to 150,000 miles on it and still runs good!


Sandra said...

If you have anyone volunteer to do your wheeling and dealing can I have them next? My Dodge Caravan has 147,000 miles and I know I too will be shopping for a new car before too long..

Anonymous said...

Hi Cath! My hubby used to be in the car business. He says the end of the month is the best time to go car shopping. Dealers have quotas, and if they haven't met the sales goal for the month, they will be much more willing to make a deal. Sometimes they even hold off closing their month out until after the first day or so of the next month - in order to put a deal into the previous months sales and make it look better. Good luck! I'd love to have a new Fusion.

Joyful Quilter said...

I have a Honda Accord and love it...best part is I got it under invoice price! Note I said invoice not MSR price...never pay that. Get on the internet and find out what invoice price is for both cars before you go to the dealer. Kelly Blue Books has them. I got quotes from the dealers via email. I never dealt with a sales person, only the fleet car manager or the internet sales manager. If you have a Costco card, check them out, same with a credit union - both offer fleet deals to customers. May be something like $500 over invoice price. I have not paid more than $500 over invoice for my last three cars. If you can wait until August to buy, do so. That is when the dealerships are getting the next years cars in and have to get rid of this years - that is how I got mine under invoice.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy, I would have to say go for the Honda Accord, I've heard numerous great things on them, for one they last a lifetime. Good luck on your choice. I hate car shopping it's worse then going to the dentist.

Kim said...

I'm a huge toyota fan......had my little one for 13 years now.....never in the shop only oil changes.
I know they are having their problems right now but what a deal you'll get and the problem is easy to fix....:0)

Happy shopping.....and
Happy sewing

Tolentreasures said...

Good luck with the car! We are really lucky to have a close friend in the used car sales, I trade up and he treats us really well. I tell him what I want, color, mileage, etc and he finds it. I loved my Taurus, moved to an Equinox this time and love it more.