Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Day Of The Pet Peeves

Maybe it has to do with waking up at 3 am to stumble to the bathroom because I drank too much ice tea after dinner and then waking up at  5 am and  having trouble getting back to sleep only to wake up at 6am to hear hubby leaving for work and then waking up again at 7 to hear Rachel getting ready for work.  Yea, that's why I'm grumpy right now and that's why I want to make today the very special day to talk about mine and YOUR  Pet Peeves.

To me, pet peeves are my excuse to gripe about something.  I need to gripe now and then just to help get over the grumpiness that will set in IF I don't gripe.
Pet peeves are things that aren't annoying enough to get me angry.  They're just bothersome things that I know won't ever change so I just have to either avoid the peeve or if that's not possible, then I have to accept them as being bothersome and deal with it.
For instance:
Every stinking time I go to Walmart, the deodorant aisle is always full of people.  What the heck is the attraction with deodorant?  If you go to Walmart, just stand at the end of the aisle and do some people watching.
That's what I did the other day, simply because there were so many people in there staring at deodorant that I couldn't get in to get mine.

First of all, there are just way too many types and brands of deodorant.  Since they're all small bottles/containers there are dozens of diffferent types all in one 10 foot section of Walmart aisle space, so I can understand why a lot of people can be standing in a small area of aisle space.  But sheesh,  I know what brand I use, so it's just a matter of 30 seconds to walk down the aisle, select my brand, place it in my shopping cart and walk away.
While people watching, I discovered that just about all the people standing there were confusing the deodorant aisle with the perfume aisle.
People were actually taking the lids off the bottles and sniffing.  What the heck? 
I can't understand why deodorants need to have a scent anyway.  I always buy the unscented.  I have scented soaps, scented shampoos, conditioners and lotions.  I don't need anymore scent added to those scents, especially not an armpit deodorant scent.
Apparently though, I'm the only one there in the Walmart deodorant aisle that feels that way.
Do we really want to respond to a "you smell so nice, what's that scent you're wearing?" with a " oh, that's my Soft & Dry!  It's called "Passion Flower", you should try it!".

Oh, I feel so much better now that I've expressed my sincere displeasure about  the Walmart deodorant aisle!

I feel so much better that I'm going to share with you a really fun driving tip.
When out driving and an impatient driver happens to blow his/her horn at you for some stupid reason?  All you have to do in response is excitedly wave and smile at the horn blower...giving the impression that you know him/her.  This instantly confuses the hornblower.  Their reaction is just so precious and you drive away with a big smile because you've totally messed with this guy's/gal's head.  
Oh, the fun!

Ok, now it's YOUR turn. Feel free to share one of your own pet peeves.   Get it off your chest and we can laugh about it together.

Happy Pet Peeveless day everyone!


Darlene said...


When someone honks their horn at me I do exactly as you described - I smile and wave followed by laughing because the look on their face is priceless. LOL

Sheila said...

I really got a chuckle about this and can very much relate to the whole scenerio you described! Perhaps if there weren't so many dang choices the isle wouldn't be crowded! and I've done exactly that in traffic and it brings me great joy to do it too when people act like that! (ok, I'm naughty!)
Hope the rest of your day goes much better~

Cat Haven Crafts said...


The French Bear said...

Cath, you are so funny, I can't stop laughing! someone had a big piece of grouchy pie this morning!!!!! You are right though, I smile and wave, hope the man that gave me the finger for driving THE SPEED LIMIT, feels like an idiot now!!! My only pet peeve is why do people in Walmart lean on their carts like they are crutches, stand up people and push your cart, if you are that tired go home!!!
Margaret B

Anonymous said...

Somebody better warn Jimmy that you are grumpy. When I get that way Mark always brings me home a chocolate bar! He thinks chocolate fixes everything, and he is usually right.
When I get my chocolate cravings, I usually one just one kind of chocolate, but the cravings change every couple of months. I eat my fill and then go on to something else. Right now it is those huge chocolate covered marshmallow cookies that cost a fortune. Luckily Aldi's now has a generic brand. But Mark still thinks I like the chocolate pirolli cookies. (spelled wrong) you know the long skinny cylinder shaped cookies with filling. Anyways Mark brought me a canister of them lat week. I sweetly said, Mark I loe that you broght me chocolate, but this is so last year. Pleae keep up to date and bring me MARSHMALLOW COOKIES!!

Casserole Carol

Gert said...

Oh Cath..I must remember that about someone honking!! I love it...thanks!!!

xoxo Gert

tami said...

My pet peeve is people cracking their knuckles. For some reason that sound grosses me out.
I worked with a guy who, when someone behind him would honk their horn, would completely stop and turn himself around and wave frantically at them. In a more sarcastic way than you were talking about. This didn't confuse people it made them super mad.

carolyn@simple~primitive~devotion said...

Cath, I'm sitting here laughing at that last paragraph! Too funny! :o)

LOL! about the deodorant aisle too! I do my walmart shopping at around 6:00am in the morning, so I don't have to fight the crowds, but I normally have to wait in line for a cashier.

Now here's my peeve.....I hate those self-check-out things! Everytime I try to use one, something goes wrong and I end up waiting for someone to come fix it. UGH!

Have a happy day!

Kathy said...

Oh how cute is that Cath?!! You are truly amazing! You always come up with something totally unique and wonderful!

Penny Lane Primitives

Sarah or Semmy said...

Speaking of the WM store, one of my pet peeves is that I go every two weeks and find everything has been moved to some other aisle in the store. I know it helps them get rid of older stock, sell the slow brands, and to clean the shelves, but it also makes me want to go somewhere else to shop. Enjoyed this topic so much. The comments are great also.

Nancy said...

Catching up after forever! Hey, you have a Walmart?

Moving to CA in a few days. I think there will be lots of stores including Walmart. Oh, and people, so time to pile up my own pet peeves. How fun!!!

Love your witchy things.