Tuesday, September 7, 2010

“Just Pumpkins”New Design, New Pattern

Yet another reason why I love my blog so much is that it’s easy for readers to contact me with pattern suggestions and ideas.

I’ve had enough requests from readers now to understand that some are looking for simple designs that are quick and easy to make.

Since just about all of my patterns are more detailed and somewhat labor intensive, I’m focusing now on options for the beginner.

“Jacks & Cats” was the first one and here’s the second beginner option:

just pumpkins 2 “Just Pumpkins” measures 12” across and only requires black, pumpkin orange and a little bit of green wools. 

This is one of those quick easy ones to make for a handmade gift too.

just pumpkins 3 Again, I’m going to offer this pattern at a very special pre-order price of only $7.00, which includes the shipping and international customers.  After the pattern is printed, the price will go to the regular selling price of $9.00. 

It’s PRE-ORDER pricing though so that means the pattern is not printed yet, but will be soon.  As soon as it’s printed, hopefully by Thursday, it will be mailed out.

Pre-orders are helpful to me so that I can get a good idea of the designs popularity.  I can better judge how many printings I should order so that I don’t sell out right away. 

If you’re interested in a wool kit for this, contact me at cathspennies@gmail.com .   I’ll have pricing and info about the kits on Thursday. 

Happy Day Everyone!

If you don’t see the Paypal button over there on the left for purchasing, it will be up there soon, I’m working on it right now!

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Cat Haven Crafts said...

Another winner, Cath! Keep your ideas coming!!!