Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Witchy Things” New For Halloween!

Witchy Things2
This is my newest design called “Witchy Things”.
It measures about 12 1/2” round. I’ve shown it made with 100% wool, but just like most of my patterns, it can easily be made with woolfelt too.
When I initially drew this candle mat design, I had intended for it to be just witch hats.  I didn’t feel like stitching 8 witch hats with the same exact details though.  I easily become bored with stitching the same thing over and over. So, I came up with the idea of witch’s shoes.
I think it worked out quite nicely and I had zero boredom when it came to stitching it too. 
So…yesterday, I was watching our grandson for the day and I showed him this new “Witchy Things” mat.  He spotted the spiders first, pointing to one of them and excitedly said “SPIDER!”.  I asked him what else he saw on the mat and to my disappointment, he pointed to another spider and said “another spider”.  He continued doing this with my questioning until I gave up.  I don’t think he ever did see the witch shoes or hat.  He loved those spiders so much that nothing else mattered.
Personally, I love the witch socks the most.
100_4481 The “Witchy Things” Wool Candle Mat is now available as a pattern.
To purchase the pattern, just click on the Paypal button over there to the left.
If you don’t wish to pay with Paypal, just email me at , and I’ll give you my mailing address so that you may send me a check instead.

Wool Kits will be available for this also.  If interested, just email me and I'll send you an invoice for payment.
Wool kit includes all the 100% wool needed to complete the pattern.  Price also includes the pattern and the shipping cost  (US customers only.  International customers will just pay a little more for shipping.)

Happy Day!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Really neat Halloween mat! Did you use silver floss for the web?

Sue said...

Wow, you're amazing. Your work is fantastic. I bought the Snowman Candle Mat pattern from you and haven't done it yet. I'm having a go a just simple circles, get that right first. Still unsure how to join the little cirles to the big cirle. Will search for tutorials. Love your work. xx sue

Mary said...

That's candle mat pattern is amazing! You astound me with your wonderful talent!