Thursday, September 30, 2010

Let’s Make Some (Wool Dough)Christmas Sugar Cookies!

Is there anyone who doesn’t like Christmas cut-out sugar cookies?  They are so much a part of our Christmas holidays baking, that I really can’t imagine not having them.
Ever since last Christmas Holiday season I wanted to make some wool Christmas Cookies.  I couldn’t fit the “baking” into my work schedule until now. 
I started with the background “plate”. ….
christmasSugars1With this background, like the backgrounds on “Witchy Things”, “Jacks & Cats” and “Just Pumpkins”, no measuring is required for the shape placement since the shapes are all ready cut out in the background wool “plate”.
My cookies are ready to be pinned on and stitched now.
ChristmasSugars2 MMmmm, sugar cookies!
I used thick, coat weight wool for the cookies.  The thickness makes the cookies look almost real.

ChristmasSugars2a All the cookies are blanket stitched in place in no time at all!

ChristmasSugars3But I like my cookies with icing!

ChristmasSugars4  The icing is whip stitched on!
But, I also like some sprinkles on my Christmas Sugar Cookies …
ChristmasSugars Does this not make you want to go in the kitchen and bake now?
I liked how this turned out so well, that I wanted to make a plate full of cookies to go with the candle mat …
ChristmasSugars6 These cookies could be used as bowl fillers, or as ornaments….

Christmassugars5 But make sure you tell the grandchildren to not eat them!

ChristmasSugars7 Of course this Sugar Cookie Candle Mat would look nice with a candle in the center, but a plate of Christmas Cookies would be absolutely yummy delicious too.

I have to write the instructions for this new design pattern but it should be ready to sell by early next week. 
Watch for the updates!
Happy Day!


Linda said...

This is so absolutely fabulous....they DO look good enough to eat! What will you think of next?!!!

Darlene said...

Oh, I love it! What a delightfully sweet (no pun intended - LOL) design.

Audrey said...

what fun!! I love your ideas....and what a sweet little guy sampling the cookies.

SUE said...

Your ideas are great and you make it look so easy. Keep up the good work! SUE

SANDI said...

Oh my, they do look real. You did a wonderful job.

Lois said...

Cathy, your "cookies" do look good enough to eat. That is sooooo cute. Love it.

Lois L.

janice said...


Anonymous said...

What a clever idea. And good use of the witch fabric. We don't like to waste any wool, right? LOL Peggy

teri said...

I love your idea and am looking forward to getting the pattern for our mini-tree this year. Four kittens mean a little tree, up high. Hope that cute little guy got some real cookies to eat.

Library Gal Quilts said...

Just love your cookies! did you hand dye that wool? I've got the milk, can I come on over? :) Pam in Chico

Cathy Burk said...

Cute, cute, CUTE!!!!!

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Oh My! This is the most adorable sugar cookie mat I have ever seen and you make it look so easy to do!!! You come up with the best ideas.

Bari Jo said...

How fun is this!!!!! Oh my! You never cease to amaze me.... wow! So adorable! Can't wait for the pattern to come out! yay! Way to go! Bari

Anonymous said...

Oh Cathy
You are making me hungry for your wonderful sugar cookies. Let me know when yo make your halloween bath and I'll be right up!

It always amazes me how you manage to top your other wonderful ideas. This one is great!

casserole Carol

Anonymous said...

Ok now I know yu are goin gto make fun of me becaue I didn't spell check my last comment. I don't want a halloween bath...I want a batch of your cookies.
casserol carol