Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Googled Our House

Before I type about my googling experience with our house, I have to send out a big thank you to all who have ordered my newest pattern, “Witchy Things”.  You should be receiving the patterns in the mail shortly.

I’ll still keep the pattern at the special $8.50 price for another day, so if you’re interested in purchasing it, just click the Paypal button over there to the left. The pattern will still also include the gray wool that is used for the witch’s socks too.

So, the other day, Rachel discovered that Google had updated their maps for our area.
We typed in our house address in Google Maps just to see what our house looks like from the sky.
I’ve some problems with what we found….

Do you see where that red flagged "A" is pointing? 
According to Google, that's where we live. .... out in the middle of a field.
This new update indicates that we've improved our living area, because the previous, old map had us living in the woods to the left, right by the road.
I much prefer the sun shining over us.
For those who don't know us, no, we aren't homeless and we don't actually live in the woods or out in an open field.
The map requires us to scroll up a bit to find our house ....

OK, good.  There's our house and we estimate that this picture was taken sometime in June because there's our new roof and our new car.
Let's take a closer look, shall we?  I can show you some issues that I have with this picture that is shown to people around the world....  (If you click on the picture, it will show it bigger)
I wish that Google would give us advance warning that they will be taking a picture of our home.  That way we would have an opportunity to make ourselves picture pretty and perfect.  I could even cut a special message in the grass like, "Hello Google!" or "OUR HOUSE IS OVER HERE" with an arrow pointing from the orchard over to our house.
As it is now, there are some major flaws that I would like to have fixed ...
See where I've marked the "A" and the arrow?  That's my car, parked wonky on our driveway.  Normally, I NEVER park my car like that.  Actually, normally, my car would be parked in the garage.  Had I been given notice, I would have had my car parked more carefully, either with it in the garage, or lined up nicely in front of the garage. 

See point "B" with the arrow? 
Point B looks like an odd blob in the lawn but it's a chaise lounge chair with a little kid's wading pool beside it.
Had this picture been taken just a little earlier, it would have been hilarious because it would have shown our daughter, Rachel, laying out in her bikini, in the chair, with her feet dangling in the pool water.
Gosh, that would have been funny.
I bet there are lots of embarrassing Google map pictures out there though.

Point "C" with the arrow and ?? means that area should be showing my really nice circle of planted flowers in that spot but because of their bad camera angle, the tree shadows it and it can't be seen.
I think if they are going to show our personal property to internet people around the world we should have a say in what is shown and darn it, I want my pretty flowers showing in this picture.

Point "D" is an unidentified vehicle.  We think it might be Rachel's boyfriend's truck, but we're not really sure.
The red car parked at the side of the driveway is Rachel's car and it's parked oddly too.  I don't know what was going on that day with our cars parked at odd angles but gosh, that's just not normal and I'm upset that Google caught us looking like this.  :)

So, if you haven't Google mapped your house, it's time that you did.  Just go to Google Maps , type in your address and be surprised!
If you live on a main road, there might even be a street view of your house.  That's interesting to see too.
Just always remember though, be very careful of what you do in your backyard because even when you think that no one is looking, there's a chance that someone is looking and then showing it to the world.

Happy Day!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

LOL! I'll have to check and see what my house looks like from the air.

Lisa said...

LOL!! I am so sorry they didi not give you notice! It is good you no longer live in the woods, though. You have to be thankful for little things. Hope you get a better one next year ;)
Hugs, Lisa

JeanM said...

Googled our house. They say we live at the top of the road and we are in the middle. You also can barely see the house.
A company that is down the main road and 1/2 mile from our street is listed on the wrong side of the street and right next to the road. Weird.

Gert said...

Oh funny.....will have to check it out!

xoxo Gert

Anonymous said...

If you're going to get obsessive... the big trees are completely uneven from the top, the tree at the side looks like it's growing INTO the house and the driveway... I think it was time for a few truckloads of stones about 5 years ago - there's lots of grass showing in that strip down the middle. Oh, and the car - they caught you leaving. You were just backing out! Why else would you be so far from the garage? Goofy...

Mary said...

Too funny! So sorry you weren't ready for aerial company that day!

Karen/My Colonial Home said...

Oh Cath this is just great...our house has actually been updated too.

I love your little arrow descriptions...lol We are never satisfied with photos we aren't aware of are we....love it!