Saturday, December 11, 2010

Ebay, Etsy Selling! Let’s Do Some Shopping!

Do you sell your handmade goodies on Ebay or Etsy? 
Everyone should know what Ebay is by now, but oddly, there’s a lot of people who don’t know what Etsy is.
Etsy is almost like Ebay except it’s specifically for handmade/homemade/artist type items.
Etsy, at least for me, is a great place to go to be entertained.
Odd items can be found there that make you think, “Ummm…what the heck?” and “wow, someone actually bought that?”

Here’s a good example …. This ….
Well, what can I say?  It’s self explanatory.  It was sold as a pattern on Etsy.  Someone out there owns a pattern to make this.
I really like how the tie strings have the turkey feet at the bottom.
We all probably know someone who would have the personality to be able to pull off wearing this in public.  
My sister would probably wear this at work.

Once you’re at the Etsy site, just use the search bar to find whatever you need.
I easily found this gem when I typed “earrings” into the search bar…..
aarms I do believe that these are cut off Barbie arms that are made into earrings.    I wish, like the turkey hat, this seller would have shown how these actually look on the ears.  I think seeing them dangling from the ears would help to sell them better.
So to go along with the earrings, I accidently found this when I typed “shoes” in the search bar…..
alegs My sister would probably wear both the arm earrings and the leg necklace to work too.  Carol, don’t look at this, it’s supposed to be a surprise Christmas gift.

But really, Ebay and Etsy are great places to shop for really beautiful handmade things.  So many bloggers are Ebay and/or Etsy sellers, just like me, so I’m going to give all of you a chance to advertise your things in the comments.
I can’t personally list all of your names … I don’t want to hurt feelings if I forget a name.
I will name the bad sellers though …. ….
nah, I won’t publicly name you, so calm down.  Those of you who wish to know the ones to stay away from, just email me for the names.  :)
So, in the comments, give me a link to either your Ebay/Etsy selling site or give me a link to one of your favorite sellers whom you really admire for their quality items.
Ok?  Let’s do some Christmas shopping!
Happy Day everyone and have a grand weekend!


Lauralee @ The Eclectic Stitcher said...

I just started on Etsy and I love it so much! It's great to see other people's creativity....sometimes I sit and wonder, "Why didn't I think of that?" or "What in the world were they drinking when they created this?" Tons of fun!! I have so many favorite shops and items.

Here's the link to my shop:

appleberrycottage said...

You mean you don't want the turkey hat for a Christmas gift??? :-) I'm still stunned that those items would even be listed to sell. I guess there's something for everyone!

Marian said...

I have to ask - just where does your sister work?!?

Thanks for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

I saying this with my nose in the and a very haughty look on my face....
I ALWAYS wear very tasteful jewelry when I'm working. Excuse me while I take off my lighted Christmas necklace, the flashing lights are reflecting on the computer screen and I can't see.

Casserole Carol

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love ETSY!!!! I've purchased so many items in the lasst few years. I fully support artists/crafters! I do have my own etsy shop here:

Friendlyhands said...

Hi everyone! I ♥ ETSY ! They have very unusual and unique gifts:) and yes I have a shop there too so thanks for this oportunity to advertise:)
I also love your patterns and making penny rugs is another love of mine now!!!
Stop in and visit me at: