Friday, December 3, 2010

Jingle Bells Candy Canes Candle Mat!

I’m all ready to start selling some of my finished things. 

Perhaps next week, I’ll sell a few things on Ebay but

for now, I’m selling my things on my “Kindred Sisters” website.

100_4694a Since I did get so many requests for the pattern for this, I’ll try to work on that over this weekend.  

Y’all might remember that last year I sold little candy cane pillows …

100_3130 which is where I got the idea for the candle mat from.  The little pillow will be for sale on my Kindred Sisters website too.

I have to tell you ladies, if you’re stuffing little pillows like this one, try clipping up some of your old wool scraps to use for the filling instead of poly fiberfill.  The wool scraps really make a huge difference in the weight of it.  If you haven’t discovered it, give it a try.

Anyway, go over to my Kindred Sisters site and take a look at my finished things for sale.  Everything is made with 100% wool.  You all should know by now that I don’t use woolfelt for anything .. not that there’s anything wrong with woolfelt, it’s just that I love the look, the feel and the textures of 100% wool.

Here’s a few more pics of the Jingle Bells Candy Cane candle mat:

100_4714 100_4703


I have to laugh at the picture below that I took because no matter how I angled the camera to get the shot …..


the screen on my camera made this vase filled with candy canes look like one of those shrimp cocktail servers that you get in restaurants.

Actually, looking at this little picture makes me hungry for shrimp cocktail.

But really, I think if I had more candy canes in the vase, I’d get a much better picture. 

Here’s the larger picture…..

100_4718 so please just imagine the vase with more candy canes in and and stop thinking about shrimp cocktails.

Or….. hmmm …. now you know that anything … even a shrimp cocktail server would look great on this candle mat!

Anyway… go over to the Kindred Sisters website and take a look at my things for sale. <-----click there to go directly to my site. 

Browse about the entire site <---- click there to see more gift ideas from some really wonderfully talented crafters! 


Thank you to EVERYONE who offered me help and suggestions for my obnoxious greedy squirrel problem!  You ladies are wonderful!

Happy Day everyone!


Cat Haven Crafts said...

Cath, This is absolutely beautiful! I love it. What a creative idea. You will have no problem selling the pattern to it.

Amy said...

I love the candy canes. There are a few more I would like,,I love pumpkins and Halloween patterns.I found your blog several weeks ago,and went into a wool store I had not been into for several yrs,,with my job and all.anyways there was the sugar cookie pattern!! I told my hubby OMG I just found this blog the night before and here is the pattern...I know I am crazy.but ya never know who's blog ya can stumble on.keep up the good work,Amy

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

I totally agree about 100% wool. I started making things with a wool blend felt due to cost issues and then I made something with 100% wool. I'm in trouble! I love it! I can't wait to order some at the beginning of the year. I will use the wool felt for faux cookies and gifts for my little niece, but for penny rugs it will be 100% wool.

Love the candy cane mat by the way. Definitely something you can leave out all winter long.