Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Returning Dish Dilemma

First all of, thanks to all of you who’ve ordered my newest pattern, “Jingle Bell Candy Canes”.  Patterns are mailed now and kit orders will be mailed out today.  I only have 2 more wool kits available for this so if you’re interested, let me know, QUICK.

So I have this little, minor, insignificant, reoccurring problem with this little dish …
100_4741 I don’t own this dish but it never fails to show up at my house when I invite the relatives over for the holidays.  I don’t have a problem with it showing up at my house, but I do have a problem with it STAYING at my house until I remember to return it to it’s owner.
I won’t mention the name of the owner of this dish.  And I do want to mention that anytime this dish comes into my house, it contains something yummy.  I think.  She brought this over, filled with something for our Thanksgiving meal. This time, I’ve no clue what she had in it.   All I know is that it’s now here, sitting empty on my counter, waiting for me to return it.
But see, she always, ALWAYS leaves it here.  I always ALWAYS, try to get everyone to take their dishes home with them when they bring food over for the holiday meals.  I wash them up and made sure that all empty dishes are placed in their hands as they walk out the door to head for their homes.  This way, I don’t have to look at it sitting on my countertop until I remember to deliver it/return it to them.
This little dish always finds a way to remain here.
So each and every time, I wash it and sit it at the back of my counter … like this…..
100_4742 And here it remains until I remember to put in in my car and take it over to my sister’s (whoops, I can’t mention a name) the un-named person’s place of work. Sometimes months go by with it sitting, unused on my counter.
It’s really a cute little dish.  Each time I look at it sitting there, taking up precious counter space, I’m tempted to put it up in my cupboard and pretend that it’s mine.  But then, every time I use it, I’ll remember that it’s not mine.
So now, in my mind, I’m scheduling in a delivery date. 
Friday, I will be in the town where her office is located. Hopefully, I’ll remember to put it in the car with me when I leave.
Until then though, I’m so weary of always seeing it sitting here empty, so darn it, I’m going to use it.
100_4749 Well, it’s a bit too small to use to hold my tomatoes …..
100_4744 I always have a pack of gum and some tic tacs sitting on my counter so maybe this could be nice holder for them … nah…..
100_4748 Peanuts fit nicely in it!  Maybe.  But this reminds me to ask my daughter about her son’s peanut eating ability because yesterday when the grandson was here, I saw him help himself to a peanut.  I gave him a napkin to put the shells on, but later when I looked … there were no empty shells in sight which leads me to believe that perhaps he ate the shells????
Ok, I’m not going to let the peanuts sit out in a dish until I know for sure that he is not eating the shells.
hahah…. looking about for something else that I can put in the dish, I found this ….
100_4747 Those fancy hors d'oeuvres toothpicks have also been sitting at the back of my counter … for a couple years.  LOL …. I just realized that this is something else my sister (whoops) that un-named person brought over and forgot to take back home with her. 
She’s getting these back, dust included, when I return the dish.
Do you think that after she reads this, she’ll feel shame for always forgetting this dish which forces me to always try to remember to deliver it back to her???
Are you kidding?  You don’t know my sister.  My sister will sneak into my house someday when I’m not home and deliberately LEAVE the empty dish on my counter.  In fact, I’m thinking that by next week, I’m going to see this dish magically appear on my countertop again.
Whoops, I’m not going to mention any names nor am I going to give the un-named person any ideas.
Maybe this Christmas I’ll see this dish back in my house filled with the un-named person’s famous cheeseball!  (hint, hint)

Happy Day everyone!


Terri Lynn said...

this made me chuckle.. I always have unknown containers in my cupboard..keyword being unknown LOL

Lois said...

Here's what I do Cathy.....After the item is washed, I put it in my car, then that way, when I'm out and about and happen by way of the owner, I drop it off. And it's not sitting on my counter.
Lois L.

paulette said...

Too funny!! I think she meant it as a keep the dish!! If you keep enough of them she will start to remember to take them home. Sounds like a win-win. You will get some lovely bowls and she will learn a lesson.
Take care!

Darlene said...

Too funny!

I'm thinking she leaves the dish so you have an excuse to go see HER. So, keep the dish and then she'll have to come see YOU. And, by the way, if this dish belongs to Casserole Carol that was a tiny casserole. What's up with that???? LOL

Phyllis in Minnesota said...

I think it would make a great holder for a votive type candle surrounded by cranberries, pine cones etc. If you return it like this, perhaps she will love it enough to keep it as a non-food dish and you'll never have to worry about it again!!

Anonymous said...

OK now I'm mad. I just spent 10 minutes coming up with a smart, whitty reply to your blog, and it got lost and didn't take!

So I have to start over........

I have actually been very busy at work (really) and haven't had time to ready your blog for a week. Imagine my surprise when I saw that you have been very active blogging and I had three to read! Glad you took my advise (or nagging)and blogged more. But let's get some things straight:

1st. Your rugrat grandson ate ALL of the olives that were in this dish. So he probably carried it around and intending to find more and put it somewhere where we didn't see it.

2nd Kraft got so many complaints about discontinuing the Roka cheese that they brought it back for the holidays. So I have 6 jars of it stashed, ready to make it for Christmas and Easter. IF..I say IF I ever get my dish back, I will msend you some famous "Murdoch" cheese ball.

I will actually be at work all day on Friday, so if you want to go to lunch after you return my dish, we could arrange that.

Casserole Carol

PS. I love it when my name (or non-name) is mentioned in your blog. You know I love the attention So forget about the stupid squirels and keep talking about your nasty sister.

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

Too funny Cath, and your sis is a hoot! I'd tell my sis that the dish was valuable according to Ebay, just to play with her mind~lol. My sis prob wouldn't ever bring it to my house again, olives or not:)

Amy said...

I Just wanted to stop and Say I was at the Wool Basket today in Loveland Co.I picked up your sugar cookie pattern/kit,she had it kitted up real nice.Karen told me ya had e-mailed her about "me"small world.happy holidays!Amy

Tolentreasures said...

Funny post! I always have dishes on my counter that belong to someone else. The good ones DO go to my cupboard until the kids raid the cupboard and take them home. I don't deliver!


MosaicMagpie said...

I think she leaves it with you hoping you will fill it with goodies for her. Or maybe she needs a candle mat just this size and wants you to use this as a pattern. I have my candy cane pillow out and think of you when I see it!