Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Driveway Is Brutal, Watch Out!

Ok, so last year, our mail carrier had an incident on our driveway that lead to her refusal to ever drive up our driveway ever again when there is any snow.  Mind you, she has a 4wheel drive vehicle and is known to drive too fast, but yet, she blames our driveway.  She got stuck in deep snow because she was gunning her engine on a plowed but a little icy driveway.

So, yesterday, we had a package delivery.  Now, why this guy decided to back down our driveway instead of turning around is really unknown, but our driveway was plowed and not icy and this happened:

100_4770 While backing away, the driver somehow managed to go completely off the driveway and got stuck at the top of the hill bank.  His back truck tires were literally teetering on the edge of one railroad tie.  Thankfully, the truck didn’t roll down the hill but if he had tried to spin his tires to get unstuck any more, he would have flipped over the side.

He was a super nice guy and I felt so bad because I know these drivers work hard during the holidays and any delays like this,  put him way off schedule.

So he waited around for over an hour for the tow truck to arrive…

100_4773 They pulled him out, but not easily.


Rachel, home for a little lunch break and I decided that if the truck flipped over the hill, we would go out and help by bringing all the packages up to the house.  Of course we’d need to open them all just to make sure nothing was broken or damaged.

100_4775 Once the truck was finally pulled out we discovered the real reason why the truck got stuck in the first place.

The driver obviously did not know how to drive his truck in reverse.

Even on a completely straight and flat section of the drive, the towtruck driver had to walk along with this guy to yell directions.

Without the towtruck driver there to help him, he would have gotten stuck several more times after knocking down big pine tree branches and running completely over my flower bed.

He’s safely on his way, and I’m glad that I have no more deliveries coming from this company any time soon.

The good thing about all this is that he delivered some real goodies for me…

100_4778 Wool!   Lots of beautiful thick black tweedy wool!

I ordered this from my wool company a while back but it was on back order for a long time until they finally cancelled the order saying that it was going to be out of stock for too long.

So I called the company.  This wool is gorgeous and I had used most of my supply to fill orders for the “Jingle Bell Candy Canes” candle mat kits.  I needed more of the amazing wool to use for myself.

They told me on the phone that all they had left was remnants.  To make a long story short, I got 5 huge pieces of wool at a discounted price with free delivery because they were so apologetic that they couldn’t fill my original order.

  Just an amazing deal!


I know y’all don’t want to hear this because everyone is right in the middle of the big Christmas hustle bustle rush, but I’m working on Valentine designs now.  I will have two really cute designs ready to sell as patterns within the next week or so.  Be sure to keep watch!


Happy Day!


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Oh no, lol. I bet he was a fill-in driver for the holidays and didn't have much experience driving that truck. We always have that fear when we have heating oil delivered. We make sure to have our drive plowed when we are expecting a delivery, but always worry that they will go over the little hill and roll into the field next door. FedEx and UPS don't come down our drive; they either park at the end and walk or park in the parking lot for the apartments next door and walk through the field. lol. It's not even that bad of a drive! :) Can't wait to see what you have coming for Valentine's Day. I'm thinking of that holiday already as well.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is ever dull on Wagner's Mountain. So that's why you didn't answer my emial yeserday. .. you were too busy watching a stuck truck....
Too bad Kaiden wasn't there to watch all the exciting action.

Casserole Carol

Shirley said...

I read your post on my lunch hour at work today and had to laugh because it made me think of a truck driver that delivered for lumber to us. He hit a vehicle as he was backing out, then later on at another yard he hit a guard shack with someone in it, Luckily he bailed in time to keep from getting hurt really bad. The guard shack was destroyed. Needless to say he no longer drives a truck. Fed-ex and Ups both park on the street in front of my house. I am looking forward to seeing what you are doing for Valentines. Merry Christmas from your Missouri Friend.