Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Identify This Pattern Please

I've mentioned in other posts that I've been asked to make a long rooster tablerunner. The customer has a wonderful rooster collection and wishes a primitive runner with roosters to use for her long oak farmtable. She has a picture perfect prim home, and is very particular about her decorating so I want to draw up the design first so that she can approve it and help select the wool colors to use.
I need to come up with the design though.
I'm working into more of a rooster-drawing mood now and after typing in "rooster art" in google images, I'm getting more excited about roosters. If you want to see some gorgeous roosters, do that google search.
This rooster has been hanging in my dining room ever since I started working with wool. This is the first wool applique that I made just for me and I've always loved the rooster on it. Looking at it now, if I were to make it again, I'd make some minor changes (those black&white checks and tone down some colors) but the rooster with the various tweeds would probably stay about the same. I like the body design, so I think I might use the body with different head positions in my design. I need to find that pattern that I used for this though.

And that's where the problem is .....
I can't find my pattern for it. I remember that it's a quilt pattern so the picture on the front of the pattern, from what I remember, shows quilted cotton squares with completely different colors. I remember long ago buying the pattern at my favorite local quilt shop. That shop is out of business now, so I can't get help there.

So if anyone recognizes this rooster, with the sunflowers and cockscomb, please let me know what it is so that I can purchase another pattern.

Happy day everyone! Time for me to go out and cut grass in between the raindrops.

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