Friday, April 24, 2009

Strawberry Addiction

So, here's the problem; I should be working on drawing up a nice rooster design for a long tablerunner penny rug. I've a customer who requested this. Instead, I find myself drawing more strawberries. One would think that by now I'd be tired of strawberries because I've already done one hugely detailed strawberry candle mat plus 4 strawberry pincushions. On top of that, eating real strawberries on ice cream and cake... it certainly should be something that of which I've had my fill..
But guess what folks? ......

Yes, indeed, it's more strawberries! I guess it's just that time of year and with the weather becoming so nice and springlike, I'm more in the mood to draw flowers and butterflies and yes, strawberries.
Roosters are more ... hmmm ... late summer and fall kinda things, I'm thinkin'.

I've listed a bunch of things on EBAY people! Go take a look. Decide which one or two or ten things you want to buy and then start bidding, please. Sales are slumpier than slump so any one of these items are sure to sell for low low prices.
I'm pretty sure that the word "slumpier" is my very own created word, but my kids tell me that I have a tendency to do that...create my own words.

Anyways, seriously, here's another shameless, HUGE PLUG for my EBAY things .
Bid now, bid early and don't get peeved if someone bids at the very last 2 seconds and steals it from under you. I've had numerous and humorous complaints from bidders because they'd lost to a winning sniper.

See, anyone that sells on Ebay, knows about the snipers. To "snipe" on Ebay means to bid on something at the very last seconds before the auction ends. There's a trick to it and some people actually use a special program that will do it automatically for them. The sniper usually always wins.

Let's just say that some of my favorite people are snipers and although I feel sympathy towards the unsuspecting loser of the sale, I have to laugh when they send me FURIOUS emails afterwards, complaining about the sniper. I'm laughing now, just thinking about it.
It's just part of the Ebay game, people. I love all my customers, no matter how they win the item. Snipers included!

Another shameless plug in case you happened to miss the shameless plug above or are too lazy to scroll up to click on the link .... VISIT ME GO HERE!


Ok, that's a blatant lie, I'm sorry. :)

Happy day everyone!


Nancy @ La Chambre Rose said...

Slumpier is TOO a word. It's the word used exclusively to describe sales on my eBay store! LOL! Love your creations. I'm on a spending and acquiring diet since we are supporting a college student and downsizing. But, if my sales EVER get un-slumped, I can buy gifts. And, I know where tofind them.

appleberrycottage said...

I LOVE your designs and work! I found your blog while searching for penny rug tutorials/ideas. I just started my first rug, and hope to finish it this weekend. Ebay sales are really slow for me, too. I have a hidden counter, and even the amount of lookers isn't what it was last year. But that doesn't diminish my love for crafting!