Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Cleaning

I just finished up the strawberry candle mat last night. I'm really pleased with how nice it looks now...after struggling with the whole design layout and countless hours of sewing. I stuffed a little fiberfill into each one of the strawberries to plump them up and that made a huge difference in the overall look. This will go for Ebay sale on Sunday, probably.
Now I can move on to finishing up pansy orders and ...I'm anxious to get started on a new tulip candle mat design of mine.
So this corner of my living room has been ignored. It needs updated...has needed it for quite some time. I know the reason that I've procrastinated. It's the problem with the cupboard. Now, mind you, I love this cupboard. It's been in my family forever. I remember when I was little my mother, who at the time, sold Avon, would keep all of her Avon products stored in this cupboard. The scent of Avon has lasted forever in it and even now, sometimes, when I open it, I get a quick whiff of that special smell and it makes me happy.
Anyway, back in those days, the cupboard was painted a dusty rose color. When the cupboard came into my home, I cleaned it up, painted it and have since used it to store all my sewing supplies ... like my threads and rulers and scissors and pattern templates ... you know, like everything you'd see in a notions section at Joann's. That was the initial purpose.
Since then, it's become a catch-all and a disorganized mess. Sometimes it's so bad that I have to open the door slowly so nothing falls out and then cram something else in and close the door quickly so that nothing falls out!
So, I've put off updating this corner because I just don't want to take the time to clean out that precious cupboard!
I decided that the best way to give myself a boost into finally doing it is to embarrass myself by showing a picture of how bad it really is inside.
So now, I present the internet world with ...
The inside of my sewing cupboard!

Ugh, how embarrassing. Please don't click on the picture to show it even bigger!
This is my next spring cleaning project. I hope to be able to show pictures of a clean, organized cupboard in the next few days!
Tonight, Jen and I are going into Pittsburgh to see David Sedaris. He's one of our favorite authors and we've both wanted to see his show for a long time. I'm treating her for dinner at a place of her choice as long as she's willing to do the driving in Pittsburgh. I'm a country girl and big city driving makes me nervous! Fun, fun fun!

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Loretta said... closets look like this. I need to clean them too. I love clicking on photos to enlarge them, so I confess I did just that. Your blog looks so neat. I always get stuck in blogs on Pink Saturday, and forget to come out...