Friday, April 3, 2009

This is "No Procrastination Friday"

It was actually a "no procrastination Thursday" for me too. I finished up four pin cushion projects yesterday. I'll put these up on Ebay ... probably on Sunday. If anyone wishes to purchase any or ALL! of these, please let me know so that I won't have to list them.

I'm almost done with the cleaning and organizing of my cupboard. I need to get out today sometime to purchase some kind of containers that are big enough to hold my threads AND fit easily into the cupboard too.

My sis, Carol, called yesterday. She read my story about the cupboard, while she reloaded my blog several thousand times, thinking it would look better to have my "hit counter" a little higher. I think that's cheating! I find that really funny though.
Anyway, she nagged me about getting the cupboard finished, so not only have I humiliated myself by posting a picture of the mess, but my sis is going to bug me until it's done!

So on this no procrastination Friday, I will finish up the old cupboard and after that's done, I'll measure my kitchen windows so that I can get started making curtain valances. I have the main fabric already ... a nice deep red and mustard checked fabric with cherries. I need to buy a yard to two of matching plaid fabric to use for the accent and I need to buy some rods too. I'm thinking of making and painting the rods myself though, so I better put some more thought into this ...
Happy Friday, y'all!

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