Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Cleaning and EBAY

As I always say, business first ....
My Ebay listing for this is HERE . My camera seems to be in a happy mood today so I'm going to take advantage of that and spend some time taking some better pictures for the listing. As long as it has no bids on it, I can redo pictures. I have to figure out how to capture just how nice this turned out.
So of course, this is all 100% wool. I don't use wool felt. Nothing wrong with wool felt, it's just that I prefer how 100% wool looks and feels...And it's an all natural fiber, no rayon.
Ok, this is going to be called biting the hand that feeds you, but what the heck ... Ebay is messing with my head.
Ebay, the ruler of the online auction world, has now awarded me the honor of being a "Power Seller". Ok, don't congratulate me because I've done nothing different that really deserves that honor. Honestly, I've sold less this past month than I have in many, many months but yet, NOW they tell me I'm a power seller. I'm not even sure what this means, but I betcha .... I JUST BETCHA ... that next month, when they see that I haven't sold very much, they are going to STRIP my power seller award away from me, leaving me crumpled and crying in a dusty corner. :)
I'm not going to dwell. I'm going to enjoy the moment. GO HERE to see my newest design that Ebay is letting me sell. I'm a power seller now, you see, so I can powerfully sell, somehow.

Today, I was planning to blog about how I wash my wool to felt it and also a little about the different "textures" of wool and the best ways to use those textures. But, I've too much to do today to get into that, so I will have to postpone that until either tomorrow or Thursday.
Today is supposed to be a beautiful, warm Fall day so I've lots to do outside to clean up and ready the property for winter.
Our front sidewalk looks like this now.....
I always plant Marigolds along either side of the sidewalk. I like how they grow over the sidewalk as the summer progresses and then in the fall season, they look so nice ... until a hard frost hits them.
The hard frost hit them 2 days ago, so it's time to pull them all up and ready the flower beds for winter.
So the marigolds, the impatiens, the petunias and the zinnias will all be thrown over the hillside today. I'll keep the snapdragons and the mums in because they seem to enjoy the cold frosty weather. At least it's a little bit of color that I can enjoy for a while until the snow comes.
Ok, I'm outta here. Going to redo the pictures on the EBAY LISTING and then outside work .
Oh, one more thing ....
My previous blog post? The one right before this one? I KNOW it's fraught with spelling errors and bad punctuation. When I was writing it, hubby, who had the day off that day, was breathing down my neck, screaming, "DO YOU WANT TO GO OUT FOR BREAKFAST OR NOT????" while I was typing that post.
First of all, I need to remember not to mess with a hungry man. He's not patient when he's hungry. Secondly, if the guy is WILLING to take me out to a restaurant for food, I need to drop what I'm doing and take advantage of the offer.
In my haste to type and publish that last posting, I neglected to proofread ... the man was resorting to GROWLING by the time I hit the publish button so I wasn't about to take any more time with the blog. I'm a pretty good speller, but my fingers type faster than my brain sometimes and errors occur which proofreading corrects.
I should have gone back later and fixed it, but I forgot and then when I did remember, I didn't have the time.
I'm pretty sure that Rachel, the daughter, knows my password into this, so if it bothers her so much, she's welcome to hit the EDIT button and correct my errors.
Otherwise, the errors are staying. It just shows that even I, am not perfect.
This post, however, will be proofread!
Happy day everyone!


Lisa said...

Sorry about ebay! I think out of all I have of yours only one was through ebay. You are WONDERFUL forget what ebay thinks!!

theolde stone house said...

That eBAY!! fraught with power. It really is a shame that there is no other way to reach so many people. They are quite the monopoly.
love the new pictures. The old ones didn't do it justice.
Love your work. Stopped at the Goodwill in Cranbery thinking there might be some nice wool....no luck. I'll try the one closer to my house next time. Prices are better too.