Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pattern is in the Mail

Wow, that took a lot of time to get this first pattern ready, from start to finish, but I'm finally done with the details and all ordered patterns are in the mail and on the way to their new owners.

If anyone else wishes to purchase this pattern, click on the Paypal button up there at the top left of this page.(Where it says "Buy Now") You send me $9.00 which includes shipping and I'll send you this "Let It Snow" pattern.

Next pattern to work on is this design from last year. It's my most favorite Christmas design that I've ever done. It's really not difficult to make and while I make this one, just like the "Let It Snow" candle mat, I'll give a little tutorial along the way.
There's a lot of embroidery stitching with this and that's what takes the most time. Those pine branches are tedious to stitch but it's easy stitching.
I'll get started making the candle mat and writing the pattern intstructions tomorrow. Today is house cleaning/laundry day.
Speaking of laundry, every time now, while doing laundry and throwin a dryer sheet in the dryer, I think of my two daughters, Jen and Rach, and I have to laugh.
Since probably their early teens, both girls, when living at home, would do their own laundry for the most part. I'm no dummy ... I hate washing clothes so why not teach them early to wash their own? Anyway, my little trick to saving $$ on dryer sheets is to only use half a dryer sheet for each load. They are easy enough to tear in half and it always seems to work fine for me ... and really saves on the cost too. I would NEVER see whole, used dryer sheets laying around so I just assumed that both girls were doing the same thing ... only using half the dryer sheet, as I taught them.
I just recently learned from Rachel that all those years while doing her own laundry, she used a whole drying sheet but to avoid my wrath, she would tear the sheet in half and then throw BOTH into the dryer. She tricked me all those years and I never suspected.
There's more to this story however ....
So one day, not too long ago, I was relaying the Rachel/dryer sheet trickery stunt to my precious Jen, who need I say, is absolutely the most perfect daughter any parent would want to have. She would never do anything as devious as trick her mother for YEARS with a dryer sheet stunt like her sister.
Well, guess what?
She tricked me for years doing exactly the same thing! She's 27 now so she kept that a secret for a long time.
And the really funny thing is .. neither one knew that the other was doing exactly the same thing!
I'd say at the very least, as punishment, my daughters should owe me mulitple boxes of Bounce dryer sheets.
Doing some quick math in my head ... each girl giving me 10 years worth of dryer sheets = 20 years of dryer sheets.
If I tear those dryer sheets in half, I'll have 40 years worth of dryer sheets .... more than enough to last the rest of my lifetime.
Happy day everyone!


Lisa said...

If you took the time to tear in half why use both?! lol They are funny! And I think you are right that they should keep you in dryer sheets for the rest of your life! hehehe The pattern is a great idea! I still cannot sew so I'll just buy! hehe I'm a little lazy too!
Hugs, Lisa

WoolenSails said...

Your pattern cover looks great. I have been told to do them too, but I need to pay attention to how I make things and that is hard to do;)


Beth Karese said...

Hi Cathi, I just placed my order for the Let It Snow pattern. I've heard others talk about how much they loved working with wool and had resisted (cover my ears, la-la-la-I-have-too-many-projects-now, I can't hear you... lol). That went out the window once Paulette ( showed your penny quilt on her blog. (Bad Paulette. wink.) Those snowmen are so CUTE and I'm a sucker for snowmen!!

Your dryer sheet story made me laugh. I halve mine too. My 18-yr DD is ok with dryer sheets, we just don't agree when the shampoo is gone. She'd toss it out, when I'm able to get another week or two of washings. I tell her she'll "get it" once she's on her own. : )