Thursday, October 8, 2009

New Fall Design! Scarecrow No-Nos

Yes, I've been neglecting the blog. It's really neglect when both daughters start nagging me to write because they miss me. I think they just look forward to reading what I say about them, just so they can make fun of me later for writing silly things about them in my blog. It's a never-ending circle. I love my girls. Thank you Jen and Rach for reminding me, constantly that you love and miss ..... my blog. :)

So this is the latest and newest design......

The scarecrow and pumpkin will be repeated around on the scallopped edge.

When I draw things up like this, I have the basic color scheme of it in my head. Sometimes, if I'm not sure of the colors though, I'll color it in with some colored pencils. This time, I was sure of the colors that I wanted so no need.

Except, I was wrong. Very wrong. I wanted the scarecrow shirt and hat to be a really nice mottled green....

Well, it's mottled and it's green, but I hate the color. And ew, in this picture, that green looks like a jade green.

I dyed this wool just for this scarecrow too. So I'm going to have to rethink and redye some colors. I might even change the background color. I do like the pumpkin though ...

Things like this happen sometimes .... colors that are so well blended in my head just don't make it in reality.

I knew when I took the green wool out of the dryer that it wasn't going to work, but yet I still went ahead and tried it, hoping that it would suddenly transform into what I wanted it to be.

It's just not going to happen!

I've ideas spinning in my head for color changes right now. And wow, looking at the picture while typing this is giving me really clear color adjustments. Major color adjustments!

Tomorrow, I should be able to show the new and improved results.

This is just a really rough sketch of something I have in mind for a penny rug tablerunner. I drew this sometime last month and have it hanging on the bulletin board beside the computer. I look at it every day and plans are in the works to complete the design details but I just haven't had the chance. Too many other projects take up way too much of my time. I need another ME!

Fall is always such a terrific time for me when it comes to designs. My creativity is inspired by the changing weather. I love the fall season. Even cutting the grass is nice in the fall. I like the smells and the crunch of leaves as the lawn tractor cuts and I like that little bit of chill in the air too. I'd like to say that fall is my favorite time of the year but then I think I remember several months back posting how spring is my favorite time of the year, so I'll shuddup now. But designs are overflowing in my head because of this weather. I wish we could bottle it! ... the fall weather, not the overflow of designs in my head. :)

I need to take the time to give a HUGE thank you to all you terrific bloggers and followers of my blog. Everyone is so encouraging and helpful that I wish I would've started blogging a lot sooner. Because of my blog, there's a noticiable difference with how much friendlier my Ebay customers are and it certainly has helped with sales too. To show my appreciation, I'll be doing another giveaway soon. Just keep watch!

Happy Day everyone! Oh and you fellow Pittsburgh area bloggers ... Shop N Save grocery stores have Walnuts on sale for only $1.99 for a 1 lb bag. The sale is only today and tomorrow and no rainchecks so get your shoes and jacket on and run to the store to stock up. Mmmm ... nutroll!


WoolenSails said...

I like the shade on the scarecrow, really goes nice with the pumpkin colors. When I make something and the colors are too bright, I use walnut spray, that always helps;)


The French Bear said...

I am so impressed with every design you make! You make me want to work more with wool......
Love your new designs!!!!!
Margaret B

ohiofarmgirl said...

I like the looks of the pattern...can't wait to see. Dianntha

Christine said...

You have your daughters, I have my husband laughing about my blog! I think it's great they're so interested and it's another way to keep in touch with each other.
Your creativity is amazing. I look forward to seeing it all take shape.
Best wishes
PS if you find out how to bottle ideas let me know first, please!lol!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's about time you did some blogging. I thought you and Jimmy had taken another vacation trip.
I'm so glad you like the fall cooler weather. I can just see you on the tractor...all bundled up in your long johns, Winter hat with the flaps down, and your long wool scarf floating after you as you ride! Just kidding, Cathy, I know the long johns have been out since August!

By the way, I've always liked your chiffon cake, but never been able to have it taste as good as yours. I found this wonderful pound cake recipe and Greg made it the other night. It was light, moist and everything good. Yes, I said Greg. He loves to cook, he is just notorious for not cleaning up his messes. He cooks like his Dad--Never use one pan when there are three more that you can dirty.

Casserole Carol