Sunday, October 25, 2009

Let It Snow : Tutorial #2

This little tutorial will be the introduction to the beginning of a line of patterns from Cath's Pennies Designs. Hopefully, if all goes well, the pattern will be finished and ready to mail this Thursday.

NOTE: This is NOT a free design to use. The pattern for this Candle Mat can be purchased. This is a relatively easy pattern to make and my hope is that seeing pictures of it in the process of being made will make it even easier to make.
But please, buy the pattern. Just let me know of your interest and I'll happily put you on the preorder list. Special Blog preorder price is $8.00 including shipping. (For US and Canada only. International shipping costs would apply to orders outside the country)
Just let me know of your interest. Thank you for not stealing my designs. :)
For those who wish to preorder, my Paypal address is . Your $8.00 payment may be sent there up until Wednesday night. After that, shipping charges will raise the price.

Let's get started on part two of the tutorial.....

This is what we're making. Let It Snow is all wool, but it can also be made with woolfelt.
Here, I've blanket stitched all of the snowmen on and now, because I have this thing about pressing, I've taken this to my ironing board. The steam from the iron will press these snowmen nice and flat.
I've learned from my mistakes .... ALWAYS use a pressing cloth when steam ironing your wool, otherwise your wool will have shiney iron marks. I use a soft flannel pillowcase here. I'll press the backside of the mat using lots of steam.
Now, I'll blanket stitch on the scarf and the carrot nose. I used black pearl cotton thread for the scarf and a matching gold/orange pearl cotton for the nose. Embroidery floss will work fine too ... don't buy pearl cotton for just the little bit that you would need for the nose. I happen to have the right color, so I use it.
Using black thread, I've backstitched the smile on my snowmen, giving them life .. my favorite part. :)
The snowflake is just embroidered stem stitching. The snowflake is 1 1/2" high and wide so I measured that out and using a chalk pencel, I lightly drew in the lines.
I used #5 DMC cotton thread for the snowflake and french knots.. Finished one, need to do 3 more and then I'll be ready to give the snowman some snow above his head.
I should be able to finish the mat up this evening and show the finished mat in the posting either tomorrow, if I've the time or for sure on Tuesday.

GO HERE for the final Tutorial Steps for this "Let It Snow" Mat.

Happy day everyone!


theolde stone house said...

I do have a question. What size and kind of needle do you use. I am fining tht if I find a larger eye needle I like I can't get a small enough stitch.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Your work is always

EJ180 said...

Oh my goodness, this is so darn cute! I've got to have this pattern!