Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Let It Snow! : Tutorial #3 FINISHED!

Haha, I know I'm thinking, "wow, isn't she done with this candle mat yet??" It seems like it's taken forever to finish but that's only because I spent most of the time perfecting the pattern itself, getting it ready for printing.

Just to remind y'all, this is my own design. Please don't steal it! Purchase a pattern. Then, as long as you remember to give me the proper credit as the designer in your seller listings, you can do whatever you wish with the design.
Last year, for selling on Ebay, I made different sizes of candle mats, pinkeeps, and mugrugs, using this design. Once you've purchased the pattern, use your imagination to create whatever you wish with the design. I'm really anxious to see your results!

Let's finish this candle mat up today, ok?

I've embroidered the big snowflakes on which was shown in the last tutorial and now all I need to do is add the french knot falling snow above the snowman head. I start by making an arch with the french knots and just filling in from there. It doesn't have to be perfect, just try to space them evenly above his head.
Now it's time to center the mat onto the white background. Wool tends to stretch easily so even if your background is cut out exactly, you still have to work with those scallops to get them aligned evenly onto the white background. Taking one scallop at a time, measure and pin the blue onto the white, making sure that 1/2" of the white edge is showing. Blanket stitch through all thicknesses and it's looking like a completed candle mat now!

So at this point, if you've nicely tucked in and hid those threads on the backside, your mat is finished, if you want it to be. It also looks nice to blanket stitch through that single thickness of the white edging too.
I prefer to finish off that outside edge, so let's put a backing on this just to make it extra nice and thick.

Adding a backing to this, is an extra expense because of the extra wool that is used, but it's really worth it to give the mat a really nice finished look and feel. You can see from the picture how nice and thick this is now and once it's steam pressed, it lays so nicely on the table too.
Yeap, here's the finished "Let It Snow" candle mat. I just need to take it to the ironing board and steam press the back.

I received a question the other day about what size needles I use. I have to laugh at that question ... not because it's a silly question ... it's actually a very good question. It's just that I really don't know how to answer it! I don't know what size needles I use!
This is a picture of the pincushion that I use everyday. It's huge, yes. It has probably at least a dozen needles in it, all different sizes. When I need a needle for whatever I'm doing, most times, I just randomly grab a needle out of that mess and if the thread that I'm using doesn't fit through the eye of the needle, I put it back and grab another. haha ... sorry, I can't help any more than that! Just buy a pack of assorted sizes and stick them into your favorite pincushion. If anyone out there knows the answer to that question, tell me so that I'll know what to buy next time I need the needles!


Loretta said...

Ooo...this is gorgeous! I haven't been here in a while, although I've tried to be dilligent in posting on my own blog! There aren't enough hours in the day. Yes, isn't that Halloween costume for the doll stunning? It's perfectly sewn inside too. The lady who made it is 64! The doll modelling the outtif is Kit, an American Girl doll. If you go to Americangirl.com you will find a bunch of historical dolls. Mattel, which made Chatty Cathy, also makes her! Isn't that odd? The dolls are soooo cute. They have soft cloth bodies and are easier to dress than Chatty!

Patti said...

Sent you the money for the pattern. Looking forward to receiving it.

gymmom said...

This mat is sooooo adorable! I love to pop in and see what your working on and to my surprise you are offering a pattern! I would love to have one...I'm going to paypal right now!! lol Thanks for all your wonderful tutorials! Can't wait to see whats next! Keep on stitchin'! :)

Anonymous said...

The tutorial is wonderful. It lets me know how much time and care you put into your designs. It makes me treasure my Chirstmas mat even more.
Hey! I like the music in the background...nice touch. Who is it?

Cathy, you will laugh at this. I just found out that they want us to start a twittering group here at work. Twittering, Go figure. I'll keep you posted, I guess Stephanie is going to have to give me a lesson this week.

It's been a tough week for Steph. She knew Bryan who was killed in the car crash. She is just devestated. Talked to him just a couple of hours before the accident and can't believe he is gone. We also knew Jessica who graduated with Greg. Bryan's funeral is this morning and I'm waiting to hear from Steph to see how it went.

Casserole Carol