Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Means Christmas

As much as I'd love to stick with Fall and Halloween and all the decorations/designs that go along with it, I know that I have to keep just a bit ahead of the seasons when it comes to selling my penny rugs.
I have sooooo many good ideas for designs for this fall and Thanksgiving, but not enough time to make them. Since I HAVE to get going with the busy Christmas holiday season, I'm going to pack away my fall idea designs. I'll get them out again next August ...they will become next year's patterns.
But darn, I had a cute turkey one in my head that I'd love to do this year .... so maybe, just maybe, I won't pack all the ideas away.

Anyway, for this Christmas season, I'm going to branch out in another direction and try offering a few of my designs as PATTERNS!

I've come to realize that there are a lot more sewers/stitchers out there in blogland and Ebay than there are buyers of finished items. That realization, along with a lot of queries as to when I will offer my designs as sellable patterns, has pushed me into the decision to focus SOME of my time on making patterns to sell.

Two of my favorite hoilday designs from last year will become patterns.

This one was really popular last year. "Let It Snow" will be the first pattern that I'll offer. I'm working on this one right now. It will have some minor adjustments in the design so I will actually make one before actually printing the pattern for it. I think I'll blog the steps to making this along the way.

After the "Let It Snow" is printed, I'll focus on this one next. Oh, how I love this one and it's going to be difficult to share this one with everyone. This design is up there with some of the most favorites of all the designs that I've ever made ... and I've made a lot.

There are lots of ridiculous details with this design but it's worth the time and effort just because it's just so darn nice when it's finished.
So there ya go ... a preview of what is to come. I have a lot of work that will be involved with doing this so my time spent actually sewing will be shortened ... which is why I've put off offering patterns to begin with. I love to sew so anytime that is spent doing something else takes me away from what I love.
But it will be done, and I will blog about it the entire time. Branching out can be a good thing, hopefully.
Tomorrow will start the beginning of the "Let It Snow" tutorial.
Happy Day Everyone!


PrimWyoGirl said...

I really love them both, but the let it snow is my favorite! Love snowmen and blue. I will watch for the tutorial and pattern, or even a finished one would be great!

paulette said...

Hi Cathi!
I LOVE all your penny rugs!! I can't wait for the tutorials!! What an inspiration you are!

Shakerwood Primitives said...

I started reading your blog just this summer so I missed last year's rugs! Just wonderful. And I can't wait to see patterns!

WoolenSails said...

Wonderful pennies, love the snowmen the best.
I really need to get going on some pennies for presents, but taking a few days to goof off and make something for me.


eeekj35 said...

I just love the stocking one!! I love the colors and the detail. Great work!! Thanks for sharing.

Kathleen said...

Looking forward to your patterns. I've admired your designs for awhile. I especially love the Let it Snow!!

Lisa said...

Oh these are super cute!!! You do such wonderful work!
Hugs, Lisa

paulette said...

Hi Cathi,
I am so excited about your tutorial and you turning your penny rugs into patterns that I am writing about you and your blog/penny rugs in my blog tomorrow. I was wondering if I can copy one of your pictures of your penny rugs for my blog....makes it more appealing if they can see your penny rug. I will put a link to your blog. You can pick the picture...what do you think?
Thanks Cathi!

Lisa said...

those are terrific!