Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Are We Sick Of Ham Yet?!

Why is it that I could eat chocolate every single day for the rest of my life and never get sick of it but yet, anything else, like HAM, I can only stand for a few days? Ever think about that?

I love ham, but I am getting tired of eating it. We still have leftovers from Sunday and I really REALLY don’t want Ham again tonight, so the rest of it is getting cut up and frozen. I think I’ll grind some up for ham salad tonight though.

Hmm … wonder if chocolate covered ham might taste good? :)

(Trivia question for the day is below)

Ok, so I’ve made some progress on the giveaway Pansy Candle Mat ….

100_3666 See the little candy dish that I used to trace around to make that inner circle and the stem arches? Jelly beans are in it now! I washed it first, of course, but that shows how we can use ordinary things around the house to help us with our patterns.

I just need to stitch some little buds with stems and attach the backing on this mat to finish …. which I hope to complete by tomorrow.

I should have this ready for a Friday Giveaway announcement!

Congrats to Cara of Cara Quilts for answering the last Trivia question first, and correctly. Yes, it was Blackberries that I made with all the french knot details.

All you lucky ones who’ve won extra entries for answering the trivia questions will get one more chance for an extra entry before I offer up the actual Pansy Candle Mat to give away.

I’ll even include my sister, Casserole Carol, in this one too. She was pretty upset that she was excluded from some of the trivia questions. I thought it was cheating and unfair to all the rest of you for her to answer the trivia question that was about her or the one that she would obviously know. She always cheated at Monopoly when we were little too. Oh wait … that might’ve been me that cheated. ….. hmm …. it’s best that we not go there!

Ok, the trivia question for today isn’t really a trivia question, it’s just a regular guessing kind of question.

Take a look at all of my patterns that I have shown over on the left sidebar.

Which pattern out of all of them has been the most popular seller?

Oh and since I’m the one that makes the rules, I’m going to give out extra entries to everyone that responds today PLUS extra entries to all of those who answer correctly. That means you can possibly win 2 extra entries today.

It’s still spring cleaning around here. I need to get up to my wool room and organize and I need to get up to the big sunporch and clean it out because Rach is going to be bringing her things home from school in a month and the sunporch is where it all gets stored.

But … you’d think that I would start spring cleaning with small things that are right in front of my face everyday, wouldn’t you?

100_3664 My pincushion, that I use everyday, needs some major spring cleaning. Actually, it’s needed cleaning since last fall. … It’s a mess, isn’t it? I have leftover strawberries stuck on there from last spring .. heck there are leftover wool heart pins stuck in there from 2009 Valentines day. Threads and buttons dangle …


This is the backside … Gosh, I never even look at the back of this. Look how many loose threads have collected there!

Ok, I’m going to spring clean my pincushion. Next time you see it, you won’t recognize it!

Car shopping is still going on … it’s just that Jen has now taken over the despised wheeling and dealing part of it for me. Jen loves doing the online dealing with the salesmen and she’s already managed to get a REALLY good price on the Hyundai Sonata for me. She’s working this week to get an even better deal.

I’ve been so limited with my time lately that I just haven’t been around to read any blogs lately. I really enjoy reading all of you and I miss it all a lot. I’m going to try to start back to my reading over the weekend. There’s a Yahoo wool group that I was invited to join but I just haven’t had the time to add even more to my reading list, but I hope to join that group within the next week too.

Sorry about the neglect. I’m trying to organize my time better and I think I’m doing well so far this week.

Happy day everyone! It’s been just GORGEOUS weather here lately … I hope it’s just as beautiful where YOU are!


janice said...

Hi, I'm going to guess that "Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch" has been the best seller, because that is the one I bought! ;)

Diane H said...

Hi Cath, my guess is going to be "Snow". They are all beautiful but that's the one I'm picking.

Susan said...

I'll say Love Ewes. It would be the one I would pick first.

Rocking Chair Stitches said...

O Snowy Nite Cath cuz I love it.

Tolentreasures said...

I love your pincushion. That is just too funny! I am the same way with the ham and I wanted to make a big pot of bean soup and dear hubby thinks it would be a waste of a good ham. I would eat it that way though.

It sure is beautiful here in Western Pa, is it not?


West Side of Straight said...

I think it's O Snowy Night. Love all of them.

Michele said...

Spring Greetings to you Cath!
Although your newest pattern, I am going to go with "Springtime Garden." I am hoping the vibrant colors and simplicity of the design has meant for great sales.
It was a tough decision as all your designs are OOAK!! ~.~

Cara said...

I'm guessing "Snowfaces" though my favorite is Scarecrow Jack.

Tanya said...

I'll guess Scarecrow Jack.

I love them all, tho'.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy-Hope you had a great Easter! I'm going to say Scarecrow Jack because that is one of my favorites and I love fall!
Lisa-from EC

appleberrycottage said...

I'm going to be different than the rest, and say it's the "Let it Snow" pattern. Simply because it has fewer wool colors - great for those that done have a stash of wool. It was one of first penny rugs, and I love how it turned out.

theolde stone house said...

Hi Cath
I'm going to say Scarecrow Jack. It is my favorite and I love fall.


paulette said...

I love them all BUT I would have to guess the Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch...although the Christmas
Stocking is so cute....but I will stick with Jack...

Brenda said...

Let it Snow! HAHAHA....BUT! I'm not sure he will reign supreme come Summer when folks get sick of the heat and start longing for pumpkins. Watchout Snowmen, I think SJ is going to beat him out! Only time will tell. =)

Linda said...

I'm guessing Scarecrow Jack. But my favorite is Love Ewes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy! Gosh, so many good mats! I'm going to guess Scarecrow Jack, because, I think one time you blogged that you had many requests for his pattern.
The back of your pin cushion reminds me of my Grandmother, Polly. She taught me that the backside of my work should be just as tidy as the front. I really try to do that, even with my painting. I guess Polly would probably have a gentle chat with you!! Haha!
--Mary of VA

Lois said...

Hi Cath,
I'm going with Scarecrow Jack. Love em all though.
Yes, the weather here in PA is gorgeous!!!! Wish it would last!!
Lois L.

Bari Jo said...

I am guessing Let it Snow...(because it is my fave?) :O) Bari

The French Bear said...

I want to say the pansies because I am sure that's the most popular...but everyone thinks it the SJ and that could be right hard to decide, they are all so beautiful!!!
I need Jen's help to buy a car too, lol!
Margaret B

Beth R. said...

Hi! My guess is that your best selling chart is Scarecrow Jack. Thank you for the extra chance for an entry! Beth Ruth bafr at verizon dot net

Anonymous said...

Love every one of them, but I'm going to guess the first one (of several) that I purchased...Let it Snow! Your pansy mat is turning out beautifully.


Anonymous said...

Good morning Cathy~
I think it is Scarecrow Jack...I think I remember reading before that you kept getting so many orders for that one, even though it wasn't fall. I ordered that one when it was in a kit and I love it!
Kirsten :-)

Anonymous said...

I can enter??? Really??? I'm so excited...I'm also so lazy. I love all your designs and don't want to go back through your blogs to find the answer. I know yo mentioned this a month or so ago. I'm going to guess, let it snow.

I used the last of the good ham last night and put the real meaty ham bone in the freezer to use this weekend. It should be cold again by then and I'm going to make some Valent "potpie". Yummy! OK Cath, There's a whole blog for you right there.... Explaining our non-traditional potpie.

Thanks for giving me a chance on a question.
By the way ladies, Cathy is really the most wonderful hostess. She had all of her annoying relatives over for Easter and everything was wonderful. She didn't even kick us out of her house when our car broke down. And darling hubby, Jimmy, even fixed our car for us, since my two men folk had dress clothes on. Thanks again Cath, for your hospitality.

Casserole Carol

Cassserole Carol.

Anonymous said...

I am guessing Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch. I agree with everyone else that all of your designs are wonderful.


Sandi said...

Hi Cath, I surely understand the lack of time!! I have managed more blog reading lately but I pop in and read the posts then move to the next one and don't always have time to comment! And as far as that Yahoo wool group.....I laughed because that's my group. LOL! We are a relaxed group that doesn't chat all the time but we do have a nice exchange of info. You are welcome whenever the time fits! Now to your best seller....I am guessing it is "Scarecrow Jack in the Pumpkin Patch". It's my favorite. Now to the ham.....we had ham at Christmas that I put in the freezer in chunks and that's what I brought out for the scalloped potatoes and ham for Easter dinner. It was yummy and the leftovers didn't last as long as a whole ham. :-) Hold out for the best deal on that car! And last......that pansy candle mat is just as beautiful as if the flowers were real! Not quite done yet....and I thought my pincushion looked a mess. You take "the prize" on this one! LOL!

Granapple said...

I'm guessing Scarecrow Jack. It's one of my favorites since I'm a Halloween nut!

Lisa said...

WOW! And for the record I can never be tired of Ham! I love it! I am glad you are getting things done! I would love to get my house organized!
Hugs, Lisa