Friday, April 23, 2010

A Mish Mash Of Amish Flavoring

Our cute Amish roofers had a hat throwing contest from our roof.


I love how the Amish hats looked on our lawn.

Wow, you blog readers were a tough crowd yesterday.

The picture that I posted yesterday of Levi, the Amish roofer was enough to make BOTH my daughters click and write in that comment box.

You might want to read what they both wrote in the previous comments before you go any further with this because it is pretty, pretty funny.

Along with an inside joke, Rachel started it all by writing:

“ You took a picture of an Amish guy. Congratulations on owning his soul.

I'm sure he appreciates it.”

After she posted that comment, Jen called to complain that Rachel beat her to it. 

If I own his soul, then all of you who LOOKED at the picture, own his soul too!

I didn’t want to own his soul, so before I took the picture, I asked them if it was okay to take pictures  :)

The one guy laughed, rolled his eyes and told me it was fine. 

So we’re good.  His soul has stayed intact, undisturbed.

If you notice in the picture, Levi wasn’t looking at the camera, his hat was covering his face. 

As long as they aren’t posing for the pictures and looking directly at the camera, I’m not able to steal his soul.

I took even more pictures yesterday and today.  Since there were more/different guys working, I asked permission again. 

So I was/am really careful about respecting their beliefs.

But, there is more to this story because my daughters don’t EVER let me forget ANYTHING stupid that they catch me doing.

I don’t do stupid things often, really.  I’m nearly perfect you see, so if my girls catch me doing stupid, they grab it, expound on it, exploit it, then rehash it, year after year, at any time a mere mention of the subject might be brought up.

In this case, my stupidness originated  many years ago.

I signed up for a Yahoo email account back then so that I could play the online Yahoo games like Chess and TaiPei.   I had to make up a screenname for the account.  I thought, ok, this is a mish mash of games that I will be playing so I was a mish masher.  Therefore,  I became “aMishMasher”.

As “aMishMasher”, I went for months, happily playing my Taipei game against other online players.  Chess, solitaire, and hangman were some of my favorite pastime games to play too until one day ….

Rachel happened to see my Yahoo account screen name and say, “uhh mom???  Why are you an Amish Masher and what have they ever done to you to make you want to mash them?”

Needless to say, I was horrified.

All that time I was happily playing as “A Mish Masher” only to realize that others were calling me an “Amish Masher”. 

Of course, I immediately deleted that amishmasher account but unfortunately, I couldn’t delete the name from Rachel’s head.  Naturally she had to share the newly discovered “stupid mom deed” with her sister and over the years, despite my sincere affection and respect for the Amish community, my daughters still know me as the “Amish Masher”

So in honor of my daughters, and as I sit here typing, listening to the Amish air compressor running outside in the garage AND the country music blaring from their radio and watching them talk on their cellphone, I will show this picture of our house with  adorable young Amish boys up on our roof.





Eat your heart out Rach.  All these cute boys are at our house and you’re away at school!


Happy Day everyone!


Anonymous said...

Your pansey flower pot is georgous!! Remember a certain someone has a June birthday..hint, hint.

Love your amish pictures. Keep up with the cute stories!
casserol carol

Cat Haven Crafts said...

Thanks for the story today. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy-my sister and I do the same thing to my mom! We went to Walnut Creek OH and my mom mispronounced Amish-doing it with a long "A" sounding like Aimish. We tortured her for the long 3 hr ride. You know we look for those things because we think you are perfect and we laugh we we find out your not! Have a good day. Love your stories. Your girls are funny-like you!

Linda said...


theolde stone house said...

Love the stories. You gave me my laugh for the day. Those daughters.....gotta love um.


Anonymous said...

Still chuckling from your amishmasher story.So sweet and innocent. And your pansies are really pretty. There are so many beautiful flowers to translate into wool. Have you tried hollyhock or poppies? Peggy

Patti said...

Thanks so much for the giggle! I need to share your amishmasher story with my mom and dad - they live in amish country in illinois and will get a chuckle as well!

Blessings, Patti

Karli and Kelly said...

Hahaha! Good to hear another mom's mistreatment from her girls! Funny post. It reminded me of when we were in Missouri and saw some cutie-pie Amish kids coming back from school. I tried to sneak a picture and the poor things turned tail and started running! Propably thought I was an Amish stalker. My kids were horrified.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Such a charming family story Cathy!